Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spanking the Sitter

Title: Spanking the Sitter
Couple: TJ and Katie
Author: Tarabeth
Betas: Nicole and Mel
Implement: Hand

*** *** ***

“NO!” she shouted, arms crossed, foot stomping.

TJ gave a stern look but responded in a very calm voice. “I think that is about enough of that tantrum, Missy.”

TJ’s comments only seemed to enrage her more, and now she jumped up and down stomping both feet. “No, not gonna!”

TJ walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her. “Oh, don’t cry baby; it’s okay. You’re just tired; come on let’s get you to bed.”

“What?!” Katie exploded with mild outrage. “I would have so been spanked for a tantrum like that, and you just scoop her into a cuddle.” Katie now folded her arms in disgust.

TJ smiled at Katie. “Yes, you would have been spanked for a tantrum like that, but Phoebe is only two, and her parents don’t believe in spanking.”

“Yah, well neither did my parents and that hasn’t stopped you from spanking me,” Katie replied.

TJ smiled and kissed Katie gently on the cheek when she passed her to take the baby up to bed.

Katie gave a humph before she turned and went down the stairs to entertain TJ’s nephew, Jonah.

“I heard that,” TJ called out from halfway up the stairs.

“Hey Jon, are you up for two-player?” Katie asked as she flopped onto the couch next to Jonah.

“Auntie Katie,” Jonah said with an exasperated sigh. “I’m on the 18th level and just about to conquer the Emperor. I’ve never gotten this far; if we play double, I have to start a whole new game.”

“Dude,” Katie replied with extreme frustration at the eight-year-old’s unwillingness to share. “Save it where you are and you can come back to it…. Come on I’ve been practicing,” she pleaded.

“No,” Jonah replied, “but you can watch me beat the Emperor.”

“Lovely,” Katie mumbled under her breath.

TJ returned to the lounge and announced, “Time to start getting ready for bed, Jonah.”

Jonah looked at the clock. “Aunt T, it’s only 8:30. Katie let me stay up until 10:00 last time.”

Katie blushed and then turned her eyes towards Jonah. “Yeah kid, I think you just blew our chances of that happening again.”

TJ got a bit sterner. “We have all had a long day. I think it might be best if we all went to bed. Let’s go; Xbox off.”

Jonah quickly shut the Xbox down, and he, Katie and TJ headed upstairs. Jonah quickly changed into his Justice League pajama bottoms and padded into the bathroom to brush his teeth, humming.

Katie’s face scrunched when she realized what he was humming and quickly tried to get his attention before TJ recognized the song. But she was not to receive such luck, and Jonah belted out the lyrics. “I really don't like being without my penis for too long. It makes me feel like less of a man, and I really hate having to sit down every time I take a leak. Detachable Penis…. Detachable Penis…Detachable Penis.”

‘Oh, God,’ Katie thought. ‘This kid is going to be the death of me.’

“Jonah,” TJ said, although she was looking directly at Katie. “Where did you learn that song?”

“Auntie Katie had it on a CD. We thought it was funny, so she kept playing it over and over…but then when Phoebe started to sing…Katie made us stop. It was so funny because she says, ‘Detwachb Enis.’” Jonah broke out into a fit of eight-year-old giggles.

TJ took her eyes from Katie and put her hand on Jonah’s shoulder. “Hey kiddo, Katie shouldn’t have taught you that song.”

Jonah interrupted. “But she said that was what Aunties were for--to teach you things that would drive your parents crazy.”

TJ shot Katie a very stern look and then cleared her throat. “Jonah, Katie is still a bit new to this Auntie business.”

Again Jonah interrupted, “No she’s not! She has been my Auntie since I was really little--like four. And she is really good at it. Last time she babysat me, she taught me how to blow spitballs on the ceiling at the bowling alley.”

Katie sighed, now resolved to the fact that she would be going to bed tonight with a very sore bottom. ‘Since when did the babysitter get a spanking?’ she thought.

TJ started to speak again. “Jonah let me finish. Do not interrupt me this time.”

“Yes, please don’t interrupt her,” Katie mumbled under her breath. This brought a look of sheer exasperation from TJ.

“Kiddo, Aunties are for giving you lots of love, doing fun things with, teaching you good behaviors,” TJ paused on this one and looked at Katie before continuing. “We take care of you when your Mommy and Daddy aren’t around. We make the best funny voices when we read stories,” she again stopped and looked at Katie with a smile. “And yes, Aunties can do a great job teaching you things that maybe your Mom and Dad don’t…but that does not include things that would drive your parents crazy, understand?”

Jonah nodded.

“Now sweetie, your Mommy wouldn’t like that song, would she?” TJ asked.

Jonah shook his head.

“I think Auntie Katie needs to apologize for teaching it to you, and you need to not ever sing it in front of your mother.”

“I think my dad would like it,” Jonah said.

TJ and Katie both let out a snort. “Yes, honey I think he might…but he might also tell your mother, not thinking that she wouldn’t find it funny. So, I think you should just not sing it anymore, okay.”

Jonah nodded.

The Aunties watched as he brushed his teeth, read him a bit of his favorite books and then tucked him safely into bed.

TJ and Katie rested in the guestroom until TJ’s brother and sister-in-law returned home a little before midnight. After a short report on the status of the kids and some small chitchat, TJ and Katie left for home.

The time it took for the short drive home and a quick cuddle with Fred and George as she refilled their food bowl seemed to go by way too quickly for Katie’s comfort.

“Am I going to be able to trust you alone with the kids?” TJ asked as she pulled down Katie’s sweat pants and underwear.

“Yes,” Katie answered as tears began to roll down her cheeks. “Of course. I love them.”

“I know,” TJ said as she helped Katie over her lap. TJ brought her hand down hard on Katie’s bottom. “I need you to think about the things you are teaching them. You know Pageant would go berserk if she knew any of the things I learned tonight.” TJ then picked up the pace and severity of the swats, and Katie cried harder into the duvet. TJ didn’t bring out the hairbrush, but that didn’t mean she didn’t administer a firm spanking with her hand. When she finished the spanking, Katie scooted up the bed so she could curl up and cry out her despair over possibly ruining her and TJ’s relationship with Jonah and Phoebe.

TJ curled up next to her so they were facing each other, and she touched her forehead to Katie’s and gently rubbed her arm and hip until she stopped crying. “I love you baby. I know you just want Jonah to think of you as cool.”

“I am cool!” Katie protested.

TJ gave her a smile. “Yes, my love. You are very cool,” TJ said as she pulled Katie into her for a warm embrace and cuddle.

The End.

Copyright TB 2008