Monday, September 7, 2009

Title: Katie goes Topless Part 12

Title: Katie goes Topless Part 12
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: TJ/Katie, Chris/Verge, Syd
Implements: Hand, Hairbrush, Wooden Spoon
F/F Sex
Warnings: Lots of angst & unBeta'd

*** *** *** *** ***

Friday Continued


I wiggled trying to pull out of TJ’s embrace. She finally loosened her hold, but kept one hand on my waist and the other gently stroked my arm.

“What do you mean you’re not going back to Boston? You can’t ruin your whole career for me.” I dropped to the floor, which ignited the sting in my butt. I wrapped my arms around my knees, hid my head, and began to sob.

TJ sat on the floor next to me, and wrapped her arms around me. She used her fingers to softly pet me. “Shhhh, my love, I’ve arranged with the university to change my courses into a distance learning format. I’ll go back a couple of times during the semester to lecture in person and meet with students. I also promised to host a fundraiser on my next trip back.”

I poked my head up and looked at her. “That’s not fair to you or your students,” I said in a hiccupped voice.

“I’m thrilled to come home. I’ve missed you so much. I just wish I had thought of this option long ago, so we wouldn’t have been separated.”

There was a knock on the door. I let out a long sigh, and started to get up off the floor. TJ gave me a soft smile.

Once we were both standing, TJ placed her hands on my head, brushed my tears away with her thumbs, and pulled me into a long kiss.

There was a more aggressive knock on the door. “Hello, this is Management, is there someone in there?”

“Yes,” Teej answered, “we’ll be out in a minute.”

I rubbed my eyes. “I guess we should go.”

She nodded.

“Any chance I could blame this week on you for not thinking of the distance learning thing earlier?” I asked.

“Nope.” TJ applied a soft swat to my butt. “I suspect tonight or tomorrow, you'll have a long session over my knee. You really outdid yourself in the bratting this week. I heard a rumor you may even be up for the Brat of the Year award,” she teased, before she opened the door.

I gave her my best pout.

“Ooo, I should get a picture of that face. It will look great on the academy’s ballots.”

“You are a mean woman,” I replied.

TJ took hold of my hand.

“I missed you,” I said with a hiccupped breath.

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

*** *** *** *** ***

We arrived back at the table, and I sat down next to Claire. TJ sat next to me; she still held my hand.

Claire placed her hand on my knee and gave a gentle squeeze. “I’m sorry,” I softly said to the table.

“We know, honey,” Syd said. Her voice conveyed so much compassion.

I looked up at Verge. He bowed his head, and seemed to readjust his napkin, before looking guiltily back up at me.

I gave him a very soar face.

“I’m sorry,” he mouthed to me.

I smiled, and mouthed back, “Thank you.”

“I told her everything,” he softly said.

I winced. “Everything?”

He nodded. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I needed her.” I gave Verge a smile and squeezed TJ’s hand.

Dinner went well. It was nice to be with my friends and family. I was quiet most of the evening. I was enjoying the sense of safety that having TJ by my side was giving me. I hadn’t realized how exhausting it was to function with all of my guards up, until she was with me, and I was able to let them go. After singing Happy Birthday and watching Verge open his presents, it became a struggle to keep my eyes open. I rested my head on TJ’s shoulder. “Can we go home soon?” I asked.

“Of course, my love.” TJ stood up. “Happy birthday Verge. It was lovely to see you all, but I think it's time that we go. I’m still on east coast time.”

Everyone stood, and we gave kisses and hugs before we left for home. TJ removed the keys to the Jeep from my bag. I don’t remember much after that, but I’m assuming I fell asleep in the car, that TJ helped me into the house, undressed me and put me to bed.

I woke up at some point during the night. I sighed in comfort at the feel of TJ’s skin against mine, her breath on my neck. I really had to pee, but I didn’t want to leave her embrace, so I stayed spooned against her.

Soon I heard her ask, “Are you awake, baby?”

I nodded.

“I need to use the toilet. What about you?”

I nodded again.

TJ led me to the master bathroom. “I’m going to go use the one in the hall; I’ll be right back.”

“Wait,” I said, “please don’t leave me alone.”

“Okay, baby.” She leaned against the door jam. “You were triggered pretty badly, huh?”

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I should have told her, if not because I needed her, because it wasn’t fair to keep the information from her. My breath caught in my throat when I tried to speak, so I just nodded to her. I got up, and went to the sink to wash my hands while TJ took her turn. She placed a soft kiss on my neck, while she washed her own hands. She then led me back to bed, and I once again settled my body into the curve of hers. I relished in the feel of her soft breasts on my back.

*** *** *** *** ***


I awoke to a gentle breeze coming through the window, the bright sunlight, and TJ’s hands roaming over my body. Her touch was so light and electric that it sent shivers of pleasure through my body. I felt goose bumps form on my skin. My nipples instantly hardened, and I was already dripping with excitement. “Ah, you’re awake,” she said. I could hear the smile in her voice.

“How did you expect me to stay asleep with you touching me like that?”

“I didn’t; that’s why I did it,” she answered.

I laughed. “I love you. I missed you so.”

“Missed me?” TJ’s hand slid down and slipped between my moist lips. Her middle and ring fingers began to circle my clit. “Or the things I do to you?”

My breathing became heavy. “Both, uhhhh. How do you know the exact right way to touch me?”

“I’m just good.” TJ sat up, but her hand continued to pleasure me between my legs.

I turned over onto my back and raised my knees.

TJ inched her shoulders between my thighs, spreading my legs open for her. She lowered her head; her fingers now held me open while her velvety tongue ran from my perineum up to my now hard clit. “You taste so good,” she moaned.

“Less talk, more licking,” I panted.

She laughed and returned her tongue to the task of pleasuring me.

My breathing continued to quicken, and I raised my hips to encourage her wondrous mouth. Soft grunts escaped my mouth, as my whole body tingled with pleasure. As my orgasm started, I held my breath.  She thrust her fingers inside me, and applied firm pressure to my G spot, which caused me to shudder with continuous orgasms until I eventually collapsed with exhaustion.

“Liked that did you?” she asked.

“Mmmm,” was all I could say.

TJ climbed up my body and lay on top of me. Her lips touched mine. She opened my mouth with her tongue, and I could taste myself in her mouth. We continued to kiss. She slid her arms underneath me, and rolled us over, so I now lay draped across her. She began to softly run her fingers through my hair. “Go back to sleep, my love. I’m here with you.”

*** *** *** *** ***

I woke up to find TJ smiling at me. My head was still resting on her shoulder, and she was simply looking at me and smiling.

“I’m glad your home,” I said.

She leaned towards me for a kiss. We pulled out of the kiss and she began to run her fingers through my hair. “I’m glad I’m home too.”

“Time to talk, yeah?”

TJ’s smile faded to a more sympathetic look. She placed a soft kiss on my lips. “I think that would be good. Why don’t we start over breakfast?” she suggested.

“I’m not hungry,” I told her.

“I don’t remember asking if you were.” TJ sat us both up and she patted my thigh. “Go put something on, so you don’t give the neighbors a show." She got out of bed, and slipped a caramel colored silk gown on. It beautifully highlighted her soft mocha skin.

I pulled on a pair of camouflage boxers and a pink t-shirt. I opened the bedroom door and Fred and George came running in. They ran straight to TJ and began to purr as they rubbed their bodies against her legs. She laughed and scooped George up, placing him on her shoulders. She reached back down and picked up Fred, cradling him as she walked out to the kitchen.

I filled the cat dish with dry food, and Fred wiggled out of TJ’s arms and strolled over to his food dishes. He looked at the empty wet food bowl and let out loud howl. “Yes, I know it is empty Fred. It would be nice if you would at least give a minute to wash it out.” I bent down to pick up the ceramic celadon bowl.

TJ poured bran cereal into two bowls.

I began to wash the cat dish. “Well I guess having breakfast before our talk means I won’t have to squirm around in my seat at a restaurant.”

She smiled. “You are always the consummate optimist,” she teased.

I turned from the kitchen sink and blew a raspberry at her.

She handed me a can of cat food. George leapt from her shoulder onto the counter, and swaggered over to me and the empty food bowl. He then sprawled his body across the counter as he watched me empty the can into his bowl. “I see you have been doing a good job of enforcing the no cats on the kitchen counter rule.” TJ applied a swat to my butt and shooed George off the counter.

“Owe.” I rubbed my butt. “Yes, keeping the cats off the counter was at the top of my list while I was having rape flashbacks,” I replied.

She applied another firm swat to my butt as I was bending down to put the cat food on the floor. “Mind the attitude or we will be continuing this conversation after I’ve warmed your butt,” she warned me.

“Will that get me out of eating the bran cereal?”  I realized that maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about the bran cereal when TJ yanked my boxers down, bent me over a kitchen chair, and began to paddle me with a wooden spoon. She is wicked with that damn spoon. She laid a series of firm whacks one on top of the other until it felt like she had removed all skin from that part of my ass. I was having a pretty major cry by the time she helped me up and pulled me into a hug. I stood there--boxers pooled around my ankles, crying into her shoulder. When my cries turned into quiet hiccups she let me go. “Pull up your boxers and have a seat,” she instructed.

I gave a small pout. “Can’t I stand?”

“No. Sit.” She scooped yogurt on top of the cereal and placed a bowl in front of me. “Eat.”

I picked up my spoon and began to stir the yogurt into the cereal. I still hadn’t taken a bite, when TJ got up from the table to take her now empty bowl to the sink. “You can get up, and we can go sit on the sofa.” I began to rise out of my chair. TJ pushed me back down. “When you have finished your breakfast. I’ll be in the lounge reading the paper, come join me when you’re finished.”

I stared down into the bowl, getting old sucks. When did Apple Jacks with two percent milk turn into All Bran cereal and non-fat yogurt? Eating to stay regular sucks; I let out a huff.

“Stop being stubborn,” TJ called from the other room. “You do actually like the stuff, so you don’t need to act like I’m feeding you maggots and dog poo.”

I smiled and took a bite. “Now you’ve really ruined my appetite.” I tried to sound serious, but it didn’t work. “Maggots and dog poo? You’re disgusting.”

“Thank you. Finish your breakfast.”

When I had finally finished, I took my bowl to the sink and rinsed it. “Do you want some tea? I’m going to put the kettle on.” I called out.

I didn’t hear a reply, instead I felt TJ standing behind me. She took the kettle out of my hand and turned the water off. “Stop stalling.” She pointed to the cold stove. I placed the kettle down.

She took me by the hand and led me to the lounge. We both sat on the couch, and I cuddled into her. I felt tears welling up behind my eyes. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“I know, but we’re going to anyways,” she said in a soft and loving voice.

“Verge said he told you everything.”

“Yes, but you’ve told me nothing.” She began to play with my hair. “I need to hear it from you. I need to know how you are.”

“Crappy. I’m crappy. Can we be done now? Can you spank me? Can we be done now?” I began to cry. “I want it over…make it go away please.”

“I wish I could baby. But, a spanking isn’t going to make it go away.”

I looked up at her with surprised look.

She smiled. “I didn’t say I wasn’t going to spank you.  I said, 'a spanking won’t make all your hurt go away.'  Will it?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“What do you need? What can we do to help you feel better?”

“You moved back,” I said.

“Yes, I did,” she said. TJ placed her hand under my chin and turned my head so I was looking her directly in the eyes. “But, my moving home isn’t going to fix things, unless you are willing to tell me what is going on. You need to be willing to work hard processing this stuff, changing to healthier behaviors, and accepting my help—whether it comes in the form of a healthy breakfast, a long talk, or a spanking. Are you willing to do that?”

“Is any of that negotiable?”

“Yes,” she replied. “But as always, I have the final say. Today, we are talking, and then dealing with the many, many rules that were broken this past week.” TJ applied a soft kiss to my lips. “Why don’t you start with Monday? What did you do after dropping me off at the airport?”

We were cuddled to together on the couch for the rest of the morning. I bared my sole. We made lists of healthier choices I could have made over the course of the week, and developed a plan to help me through this latest episode of flashbacks. When we finished, TJ asked how I felt about our plans. I felt pretty good; we had developed a plan of things we knew helped to pull me out of the doldrums. It consisted of balanced meals, exercise, journaling, increased therapy sessions, and little time to myself. It had worked before, and I knew would again. I felt so much better knowing there was a plan to get past the depression, and knowing TJ would be there holding my hand all the way. We sat quietly for a while just enjoying each other’s presence.

Too soon I felt TJ moving to get up. “I need to use the bathroom. Why don’t you try and go too. I’ll meet you in the bedroom when we’re done.” That was it; my sentence had been passed, and we were moving on to the punishment part. I looked up at her with sad eyes. “Come on,” she said helping me up. “We’ll both feel better when this is done, and we can move on.”

I nodded and slowly moved towards our bedroom. I used the toilet, washed my hands, and then made my way towards TJ and our bed. She was sitting against the headboard. The hairbrush was sitting on the bedside table. She patted her lap.

I shook my head.

She held out her hand. “Yes, my love, we need to get this taken care of.”

I placed my hand in hers; she pulled me toward her, and down over her lap. I felt her fingers slip into the waistband of my boxers, and she slid them down to my knees.

I grabbed at the duvet, bunched it into a pillow, and buried my head. This was going to be a long one.

I didn’t want to focus on what this spanking was for, so I used all my tricks to try and daydream away. I started to think of what we could have for dinner. I ran through all the ingredients to see if we needed to go to the store, but then the sting grew too much for me to concentrate on much else. I decided to focus on my breathing, in and out, in and out, in and out. “Fuck that hurts.” I tried to wiggle away. TJ pulled me closer to her, which allowed for a lot less wiggle. In and out, in and out. “TJ, please it hurts.” Soon my breathing was full of gasps, hiccupped sobs, and occasional, “hurts…TJ…hurts.”

She stopped, and rubbed my back, while I cried into the bed covers. My crying slowed, and TJ’s hand moved to my fire hot bum. “Okay sweetheart, it’s time to focus on the complete and total unacceptableness of you keeping things from me.” I could feel TJ turn a bit, and I heard her pick up the hairbrush.

I turned my head to look at TJ. “Please, please TJ, I’m so sorry. I promise I won’t ever do it again. I hurt so much already, please, not the hairbrush.”

She ran her hand over my butt again. “Katie,” she paused. “I think some of your acting out this week was to see if I would come home and rescue you.”

I began to softly cry.

“I can’t rescue you from yourself. I can be here for you, with you—and I can give you consequences to help deter you from engaging in the same type of unhealthy behaviors again.” TJ’s hand stopped its soothing rub of my butt, and I quickly felt the painful sting of the brush.

The brush did a full round on my poor bum. TJ stopped, and ran the brush over my scorched skin. “Is it okay for you to disregard eating a health diet?”

“No,” I sobbed.

“No, it is not,” she said, and emphasized her point with another round with the hairbrush.

She stopped again. “Is it okay for you to ignore your obligations to your job and your friends?”


“No, it’s not.” She again emphasized her point with a round of swats.

“Is it okay for you to disregard my instructions?” This time she didn’t stop spanking.

I shook my head.

“Is it okay for you to break the law?”

I again shook my head.

“How do I feel about you hurting yourself as a way of dealing with your emotional pain?”

“You don’t like it,” I responded.

“No, I don’t. And I really don’t like you ignoring and avoiding talking to me.” With that statement she seemed to have gained a bit more strength, because the hairbrush now had a lot more umff behind it as it landed on my sore backside. “Katie Meagan if you ever keep even half as much from me as you did this week, I will get my daddies old strap and turn you backside purple. Understand?”

I know I responded in the affirmative, but I have no idea what I said. She landed the brush on my butt a few last times to accentuate her point, and then gathered me into her arms. As my tears ran dry I fell into an exhausted sleep. When I woke I was alone in the bed. I slowly raised my head to look for TJ. She walked out of the closet dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. “Oh good you’re awake.” She came over and sat next to me on the bed. She ran her fingers softly through my hair and helped me to sit up. She handed me a glass of water and a couple of aspirin from the bedside table. “Here you go baby, I’m sure if you don’t have a headache already, you will soon from all of this mornings emotion."

I took the pills.

TJ got up off of the bed, and grabbed a set of workout clothes for me off the top of the dresser. “Come on sweetheart, I think we should try and get a walk in.”

I gave her a look of sheer horror.

She smiled. “Fresh air and movement will do us both some good.”

I raised my eyebrows at her.

She picked up a bottle of lotion. “Roll over,” she instructed. “I’ll put some lotion on your butt; it will make the walk a little easier.” The cool lotion felt so good on my scorched bottom. I sighed in relief. “Don’t get used to it. I just don’t want you to feel like you are chaffing while we walk.” TJ helped me into a sitting position. I hissed as my butt made contact with the mattress. She helped me to dress and put my shoes on.

We had a short walk. The fresh air actually did feel great, but the best part was how good I felt. My body wasn't holding so much tension, stress, anxiety, and fear. When we arrived back at the house, I pulled TJ into a hug. “Thank you. Thank you for coming home. Thank you for helping to put me back together. Thank you for loving me.”

TJ kissed me, and then looked seriously into my eyes. I could feel love radiating from us. She spoke softly, “Thank you for loving me.”

The End.