Sunday, August 26, 2007

When I met my love

Title: When I met my love
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: TJ/Katie

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Chris was sitting in the chair across from me with his feet up on my desk while I was $953 in dept to my computer playing casino solitaire. We had just finished a major collaborative grant and were sipping Starbucks; “It’s supposed to rain all weekend…ah, napping to the sound of rain against my windows is the best way to recover from major grant writing.”

E-mail popped up on my computer screen from our Events Director. “Tarabeth Landis to Teach at SU this Spring. A Place for Us will hold a Welcome Reception to Honor GLBT and Civil Rights Activist TJ Landis – Monday, April 26th 7:00 pm – APU Ballroom” Chris continued his sleepy rain fantasy, I shushed him, this was important.

TJ Landis had recorded just one solo album on a whim shortly after she graduated from college with a degree in Social Justice. The album won a Grammy award. She used her fame to become a civil rights advocate. She had spent years doing the talk show circuit and was often called to by the major networks whenever a story broke regarding social justice. It had been a little over a year since she finished her PhD at Oxford and had returned home to the States and was touring small colleges serving as a guest lecturer.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Her voice was soft and low, commanding and awe inspiring. I had admired her work for years. She was a very well known feminist, civil rights advocate and lesbian who was respected by almost everyone she ever worked with. I had only gotten into her class, because of a friend in the Dean’s office.

I sat in the back of the classroom and was mesmerized as I listened to her describe her course. Chris and I were good instructors. We taught a popular course. Students enjoyed it and learned a lot. When Tarabeth Landis taught a course she changed people’s lives; that was something that as an instructor I would never experience, but I greatly looked forward to the opportunity to be one of the many whose life she would change.

****** ***** ****** ****** ***** ****** *****

“I think it would be best if you dropped my course.”

My heart was pounding and I was struggling to maintain my professional composure. What could I have possibly done to make her want me to drop her course?

“There is a waiting list of students and I just can’t save space for faculty or community.” She continued. I hadn’t even realized that I was falling for her, until her words slowly broke my heart.

“Okay, thank you for letting me know.” My voice cracked and I turned to leave her office as tears began to fall.

She let out a soft sigh, placed her hand on my shoulder and turned me around to face her. She gently wiped away a tear with her thumb. “I can’t have you enrolled in my class if our relationship is to move in the direction I would like it to.”

I raised my eyes to her and she gave me the warmest most inviting smile. I managed a mischievous smile and shut her office door with my foot. “Just what direction are you hoping our relationship will take?” I asked.

She handed me her card with a phone number penciled on the back. “We can talk about that WHEN you have dropped my class. My cell number is on the back. Call me when you no longer show up on my roster.” TJ reached across me to open her office door.

I took the opportunity to plant a very thorough and passionate kiss on her full beautiful lips. I expected her to give into my kiss but instead I was quickly turned around, “I said we would talk after you dropped the class,” and with that said, she applied a very hard swat to by butt. She opened the door and gently walked me into the hallway. “I am looking forward to your call.” She winked at me, turned, reentered her office and shut the door.

I was stunned. What the fuck was that? In a matter of 3 minutes I was thrown out of a class I have professionally longed for my whole career, fallen in love, (I slowly rubbed a hand over the painful throb coming off my backside) and swatted. I am not quite sure how to rank all that on the good day – bad day scale.

**** ***** ****** ***** ****** ****** *****


I slid down against the shut door, sitting on the floor and fanning myself with my hand. It had been a short kiss, but in that time I had smelled the gentle fruitiness of her shampoo, felt the softness of her cheek, the velvet touch of her tongue, and the beat of her heart.

It had taken all my will to stop that kiss. I wondered how long it would take her to drop the course and call me. I feared she would take awhile to spite me for stopping the kiss.

I knew I wanted her, when I shook her hand at the welcome reception the local GLBTQ Center had for me. It was a quick handshake and then I was steered away to meet some of the donors. I looked for her again later but she was nowhere to be seen.

When I saw her sitting at the back of my lecture hall my heart skipped a beat. I knew I had to have her. Not just sexually, although I would, but her heart. Somehow, I think she already had mine. I think she took it when we first touched.

I finished my office hours and headed home. I was renting an Arts and Crafts style cottage in the section of town referred to as the Rose Garden. The neighborhood is an upper class residential area that was established in the late 1930’s. The neighborhood surrounds a 5 and half-acre garden and encompasses part of the cities gay community.

I got home, paid some bills, started a load of laundry, did a little dusting, and found that I couldn’t keep my mind off of Katie and was wondering what was taking her so long to call. Dropping a class is a two-minute process and it had been over five hours since she dropped by my office.

Okay, TJ, breath.

I decided to take a bath to relax. I turned on the taps to adjust the warm water. Once the water had warmed, I stripped and slid into the bathtub. I sat leaning against the back of the tub while the water ran in. I began to think of Katie. Her long, soft, straight chestnut hair, the freckles that danced over her body, her dreamy blue eyes, the way she smelled, her beautiful roundness, her peaches and cream complexion and the way her lips engulfed mine and her tongue separated my lips. I realized the more I thought of her, the more I ached. I reached down and parted my lips, gently running fingers over my vaginal opening and encircling my clit. Shivers ran from my crotch straight through my heart and up into my head. I opened the drain, slid down to the floor of the tub and raised my legs so that the warm flow of water ran over my vulva; I arched my back and opened myself so that the water flowed over my clitoris. I let out a soft moan. I cupped my breast and held it firmly as I came, and came, and came, and came again. I could smell her, see her, feel her, taste her, and hear her. I wanted her, I needed her, and I had to have her.

With the vision of Katie firmly planted in my mind. I reached up and turned the taps off, now sitting naked in an empty bathtub, with my arms wrapped around my knees, I shivered, and prayed she would call soon.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


I had my cell phone out of my bag and was dialing the registrar’s office before I had even exited the building, which housed TJ’s office, and followed the touch-tone instructions to drop her course.

I wanted to run back up stairs to let her know I had disenrolled, but I thought that might appear a tad desperate, so I took a deep breath and resigned myself to wait and call her later that evening, plus I hadn’t shaved my legs in weeks, and we won’t even discuss my bikini line (ha, the last time I wore a bikini, I was four, and it had little psychedelic mushrooms on it), not that being naked with her was all I was thinking about.

Chris and I had a 4:30 meeting at Starbucks to plan for class. I ordered my grande, soy, half-calf mocha and Chris’s vente, unsweetened, black, ice-tea, and grabbed two big comfy chairs for us, while I waited for him to arrive. I pulled out my iPod and selected TJ Landis. I hummed along to her beautiful voice, sipping my mocha and grading student homework.




“Katheryn Meagan Mayfaire!” The use of my full name and the raised tone of Chris’s voice finally made me realize he was standing directly in front of me.

“Oh, hi.” I said, pulling out my earplugs and pecking Chris on the cheek.

“Oh, hi? Is that all I get? What’s got you so zoned out? Honestly, it can’t be the homework assignment, I have barely been able to keep my eyes open to get my half graded.” He kissed me back, picked up his iced tea and flopped down into the fluffy chair next to me.

“No, no. I was just thinking.” I replied. The music coming from my earplugs was loud enough that it was easily recognizable as TJ.

“Uh huh. Dreaming of Dr. Landis, I see.” Chris laughed as he twirled one of my earplugs around his index finger. “Hey, how did your meeting with her go this morning?”

“She asked me to drop her class.” I said, unable to keep a large grin from emerging on my face.

“Spill.” He said.

I explained the whole encounter and when I mentioned the swat, Chris spit a mouth full of ice tea all over his lecture notes and almost fell out of his chair laughing.

“What?” I questioned, clearly confused by his laughter.

Tears began to fall from his eyes as he continued laughing.

“What?” I asked again.

He stopped laughing. “I think you two are perfect for each other.”

“You’re teasing me.” I said with a pout.

“No,” his voice became much more serious, “I’m not. I am just amazed that she has already seen the true Katie and that she appropriately rose to the occasion.”

At that, I became a little bit defensive. “What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?” I started to pack up my bag.

Chris placed his hand on mine to stop me from shoving papers into the bag. “Hey.” He said sweetly, trying to calm me. It didn’t work. I jerked my hand from his and got up out of the chair and swung my bag over my shoulder. He stood to block me from leaving, placing his hand on my chin and raising my head so I could look him in the eye. “Katheryn,” he said softly. I rolled my eyes at him. “Hey, I am serious here. Listen carefully. You have avoided romantic relationships for a good part of your adult life,” I jerked my head out of his hand and tried to push past him. “SIT.” He said, he didn’t raise his voice, it just became much more firm, he sat me back down in my chair, and kneeled in front of me. “You have avoided romantic relationships for a good part of your life, pushing away most every woman who has ever shown interest in you.”

“Get to your point.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“My point is you kissed her.” A big grin appeared on his face. “You, Katheryn Meagan Mayfaire, kissed her.”

I smiled back at him, I couldn’t help myself, “I did, didn’t I?”

“Yes, and it was completely and totally inappropriate, as she had clearly just told you that you needed to drop her class before anything could happen.” Chris stated. My grin turned a little guilty. “She responded, by very firmly swatting you on the ass.” I nodded, reminded of the hot sting. “Katie, most people probably would not have responded well to that, that would have been a deal breaker for a lot people. But, you left that office and wanted her even more.” I nodded again.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” I looked up and saw Verge.

Chris stood and pulled Verge to his side, winked at me and stated “Oh, Virgil, our little lesbian has finally found herself a Top.” I flushed.

Virgil playfully kicked me in the shin, “It’s about time, Syd’s getting a little old, and I’m tired of lending you mine.” He said, planting a kiss on Chris’s lips.

I folded my arms over my chest, in a pout. “I don’t need a ‘Top’.” I said.

Verge rolled his eyes at me.

Chris pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, and dropped it in my lap, “Call her.”

I called, and we had a very short and pleasant conversation. TJ and I agreed we would meet for a late dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s, I said goodbye and that I was looking forward to seeing her, she returned my sentiment and then I hung up.

“So?” Chris and Verge said in unison.

“So, what?” I replied.

“We want details.” Verge demanded.

“I am meeting her for dinner at 8:30.” I answered.

Verge, looked down at his watch, pulled me up out of the chair and started to usher me toward the exit. “Ooooo, 5:15, that doesn’t give you much time. You have go.”

I laughed. “Verge, I am fine, I’ll go in a little while.”

“Puh-leese, when was the last time you shaved your legs? I don’t even want to ask what shape your bikini line is in.”


He knows me too well.

He made a broad movement with his harms, circling them in my direction, “That outfit is completely unacceptable. Wear that nice silk Jones New York suite you have.”

Chris interrupted, “She was wearing that when they met.”

“Crap.” Verge replied, “Do you have any other nice clothes?”

I huffed. “Oh, I will just come with you and get you sorted out. Lord knows you will try and show up wearing raggedy old boxer shorts and a sports bra.” Verge continued on his rant.

“Hey.” I protested. “I have some nice underpants.” I said.

“It’s called lingerie, dear. Underpants.” He gave Chris an exasperated look. “Underpants. How are we ever going to get her laid?”

Verge grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the Starbucks, blowing a kiss in Chris’s direction. Verge and I went back to my house, where he directed me to the shower, while he tried to sort out my wardrobe.

He chose a pink, flowery cotton matching bra and panty set, a tan pair of RL slacks, a maroon button down v-neck sweater, and my maroon maryjane Doc Martins. After I was dressed, Verge chatted with me as I put hot rollers in my hair and sat and watched as I applied foundation, eyeliner and mascara.

When I was finished, I gave Verge a little spin and curtsey, “Woo, honey, I forgot what a pretty girl you make.”

“Fuck you.” I said as applied some chap stick.

Verge shook his head at me. “Haven’t you ever heard of lipstick?”

I stuck my tongue out at him. “Yeah, I’ve heard of it, it tastes gross.”

“Well, that’s the problem, you’re not supposed to eat it.” I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him out the front door with me.

We stood on the front porch and looked very sadly at the pouring rain. Verge let out a small whimper as he watched my hair quickly go flat. I grabbed a clip out of my bag and swiftly pulled my hair up into a twist. Verge winced. I gave him a kiss along with my undying thanks.

“Be safe.” Verge called after me. “Hey, what do you people use anyway?”

“Condoms and dams.” I replied with a wink.

“I don’t get the whole strap-on thing. I thought YOU PEOPLE didn’t like penises.” He shouted after me with a giggle.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **

I picked TJ up at her house. Being new to the area, I thought it might be easier for her. We greeted each other with a gentle kiss and then left for the restaurant.

We ordered a salad and lobster to share. Shortly after our food was served the restaurant lost power. We finished our meal by candlelight and played my silly version of get to know you twenty questions.

“How did you get your name?”
TJ – “Tara and Beth are my Aunties and Josephine comes from my father Joseph.”
Katie – “Katheryn was my grandmother and Meagan was my father’s little sister who died when she was a teenager.”

“What was your favorite childhood toy?”
TJ – “My baby doll.”
Katie – “My stuffed Winnie the Pooh. I still have him.”

“Do you have siblings?”
TJ – “Four older brothers.”
Katie – “A little sister.”

“What do your parents do for a living?”
TJ – “My father is a preacher and my mother is a teacher.”
Katie – “My dad worked for IBM and my mom stayed at home.”

“All time favorite TV show?”
TJ – “Living Single.”
Katie – “ Buffy.”

“What was the last book you read?”
TJ – “Reviving Ophelia.”
Katie – “Reviving Ophelia.”

“What was the most trouble you got in as a kid?”
TJ – “Getting caught having sex with a boy when I was 15.”
Katie – “Got caught drinking by my best friend’s mom when I was 16.”

“Have you ever been arrested?”
TJ – “Many times.”
Katie – “No.”

“How old were you when you came out?”
TJ – “17”
Katie – “19”

“What was your parent’s response?”

TJ – “They threw me out.”
Katie – “They weren’t really fazed.”

“Where is your most favorite place?”
TJ – “My grandmamma’s house.”
Katie – “Victoria.”

TJ and I were still exchanging stories when our waitress told us the restaurant was closing. We apologized and strolled out of the restaurant hand in hand.

When we got back to TJ’s house I walked her to the door and leaned into kiss her goodnight. TJ put a finger to my lips, “Hold that thought, I’m not ready to say goodnight yet. Do you want to come in? I’ll make a fire.”

The storm had taken out the electricity at TJ’s house, so we sat on the floor by the fireplace while TJ started a fire.

The only lighting in the lounge came from the fireplace. It was perfectly romantic. TJ dragged her futon mattress out of her study and laid it out on the floor in front of the fireplace. She left again and came back with several pillows and quilts.

It had been such a long time since I had been sexually intimate with anyone…this was the first time, since the PTSD, that it felt safe, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t scared as hell. I knew she wanted me…and I definitely wanted her…her kisses had been wonderful. But, I didn’t know how I would react to getting undressed with her…to letting her touch me. I wanted her so badly but the fear was beginning to overwhelm me.

TJ sat next to me on the couch and gently swept my hair out of my face and behind my ear. She kept her hand on the side of my face and ran her thumb over my cheek. “Hey, are you in there?” She said glancing into my eyes.

I nodded. “It’s been a long time. I’m scared.”

She gently touched her lips to mine. “What are you scared of?” She asked as she removed her lips from mine.

I shook my head.

“Do you want to stop? Do you need to leave?” She asked scooting away.

“No, please.” I put my hand on her thigh. “I want you.”

“So, what are you scared of?”

“Scared I won’t be able to stop you. Scared I’ll freak out.” I said.

“You’ve been hurt.” She stated more than questioned.

I nodded.

She leaned in and kissed me again. “Okay?”


“I won’t do anything you don’t want. Okay?”

I nodded.

“Can I touch you?” She asked.

I nodded and she placed her hands on my hips.

“If you don’t like what I am doing move my hands or tell me to stop. Okay”

I nodded.

“Katie. I need you to say it. Can you tell me to stop if you are uncomfortable?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you to stop.” I smiled at her. “But right now, keep going.”

She laughed. “Okay. Can I unbutton your sweater?”

I nodded. She began with the bottom button and slowly worked her way up my sweater. Holding my eyes with hers the whole time. I reached towards the buttons on her blouse and questioned her with my eyes. She nodded and I slowly undid her blouse.

We continued like that. Slow. Gentle. TJ constantly checking on me. As we shed our outer clothing and were just in bras and panties we moved to the futon and crawled under the quilts.

We cuddled, kissed, touched, whispered, and giggled. I removed my bra. She cupped and began to kiss my breast, her tongue diving in and out of her mouth to tease my nipple. She wiggled her leg between mine and began to rub her thigh on my crotch. Just smooth motions back and forth. I was wet for her and was sure she could feel it through my panties.

She slipped her hand into the leg of my underwear and her fingers slid across my hip. My body tensed, “STOP.” My hand moved quickly over her hand and pushed it away. I started to shake.

“Shhh. Shhhh. Okay. It’s okay. Look around. You are here with me, safe. Breath. Anchor yourself. Breath.”

She slowly soothed and calmed me. Bringing me back to reality. She embraced me, pulling my head to rest on her shoulder and then resting her head against mine. She gently cooed, hummed, and rubbed my head and back until I fell asleep in her arms.

I awoke several hours later, TJ was gently spooning me, and I slowly slid out from under her.

“Where are you going?” She asked sleepily.

“Just to the bathroom.”

“Okay, come right back.” She said closing her eyes. I could tell from her breathing she had already gone back to sleep.

I silently retrieved my clothes and dressed. Trying desperately to keep the tears I could feel behind my eyes from starting to fall. I left a short note saying thank you and quietly slipped out the door.

***** ***** ****** ***** ****** ******

Over the next couple of days, TJ left several messages for me at the office. I was too embarrassed of my reaction to her to call her back. I didn’t want to go into detail…to explain that she had triggered a flashback. That I was more scared to be with her now than I was before.

Chris had asked how the “date” had gone. He tried to press for more than the “fine” that he got from me. He didn’t say anything but, I could tell he was worried about me. Flashbacks usually lead me to turn inward and shy away from people for several days. He never pressed when I got like this, knowing that I would usually open up to him and emerge back into the world. When I hit day three of refusing to deal with the world, Chris’s worry level sparked and he called in the Colonel for reinforcement.

It is near impossible to avoid Syd. She has no problem stepping over or on boundaries. I spent Wednesday morning with my phone on “Do not Disturb.” When I checked my messages at lunch. I had two from the Colonel. The first saying that Chris had called and she wanted me to call her back. The second said that if she didn’t hear from me by 1:30 she would come down to the office. I called her cell phone hoping to get voice mail. I was very pleased when I did. I left a message explaining that I didn’t have much time to talk, I appreciated her call, I was heading into a meeting that would last the afternoon and was teaching in the evening, maybe we could get together over the weekend. Pleased with my avoidance technique, I informed the receptionist I would be offsite for the rest of the day and went to campus to prepare for my evening lecture.

I got to the classroom early and started writing the agenda on the board, Chris walked into the room with Syd. My heart sank. I had been caught. I sucked in a big breath and smiled and gave Syd a hug. She hugged back but also applied a firm swat to my butt. “Avoidance isn’t a good thing, Missy.” I stepped out of her hug and looked at the floor. Fuck, I need to pay better attention to the syllabus. Tonight’s topic – Gays in the Military - Syd was one of our scheduled panel members. “I thought we might grab coffee after class.” She said. It was not a suggestion as much as a statement.

Two other members joined Syd on the panel, one man approximately the same age as Syd who had his career severely damaged by a dishonorable discharge in the late sixties and a young man who was honorably discharged under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Chris was facilitating the discussion among the panel and sat at the head of the room with the panelists facing the class.

I was sitting in with the students grading papers and listening to the panel. A short way into the panel I heard the back door to the classroom open and someone shuffle over to a chair. I didn’t bother to look, as it wasn’t uncommon for students to be late for an evening class.

It always bothered Chris when students were late. He was often inclined to give short pop quizzes at the start of class to reinforce to students the importance of arriving on time. He was always particularly perturbed when students arrived late when we had guests in class, so I wasn’t surprised when he began to address the late student. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce Dr. Tarabeth Landis. If you don’t know, Dr. Landis is a well-known GLBT activist and currently serving as a visiting scholar at SU. Welcome. To what do we owe this honor, Dr. Landis?”

TJ stood and looked from Chris to me, “I was just hoping to sit it on your lecture this evening, I apologize for my lateness, and did not mean to disturb your class Mr. Robeson,” She nodded at me, “Ms. Mayfaire. Do you mind if I just sit quietly and observe?”

“No, no, of course not. We are thrilled with your presence. Please join in the conversation.” Chris answered.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

When class ended, TJ got up and went to talk to the panel members. I stood in the back of the room trying to make myself available to students, and avoid the three tops, whom I was sure were conspiring against me at the front of the room.

Syd approached me, kissing me on the cheek and lightly whispering in my ear, “I am going to take a rain check on our coffee date, I expect you to talk to her and call me on my home phone first thing in the morning.”

I nodded because the fear and tears that were welling up in my throat and eyes made it near impossible to speak.

Syd motioned to Chris, “Christopher come walk your old Auntie to the car.”

Chris walked past me, planting a kiss on my cheek, and mouthing goodbye, as Syd took him by the hand and led him from the room.

I was left alone in the lecture hall with TJ. She was standing on the opposite side of the room; I looked down at my feet and gently kicked them against the leg of one of the desks. We stood in silence like that for several minutes, until TJ finally broke the tension, “I have found this great little place that makes the best mud pie, care to go share a slice with me?” She asked.

I nodded, still finding it difficult to speak. She walked across the room and brought me into a strong embrace. “You smell wonderful,” she said. I made a little humph and rolled my eyes. I was shocked when she applied a light swat to my butt.

The swat allowed me to actually gain my voice, “Hey,” I said.

“It is polite when one receives a compliment to say thank you,” TJ gently lectured.

“Thank you.” I mumbled.
“You have the softest lips,” TJ said, leaning into kiss me. I couldn’t help it, but I started to roll my eyes.

She stopped leaning in for the kiss, and I felt her hand rise off my hip, and I quickly struggled to get a thank you out just as her swat was landing on my bottom.

“Well, that was slightly better. Shall we try again? You have the softest lips.” She said, again leaning in for a kiss. I said thank you as her lips pressed to mine.

She planted a soft, innocent, quick kiss and then said, “I love the way your eyes twinkle.”

“Thank you.” I said, this time I was the one leaning in for the kiss.

“You have the softest peaches and cream complexion.” She said running her hand softly over my cheek as she drew me into another kiss.

“Thank you.” I said.

TJ took a hold of my hand and led me out of the classroom. “Let’s go have some ice cream.”

I rested my head on her shoulder. “Can we skip dessert?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, but we have some talking to do.” She answered. “Are we going to try this again?” She asked, motioning her hand between the two of us.

I nodded against her shoulder. Her voice turning more serious, she stated, “I don’t want you running out this time.”

“I don’t want to run away either.” I replied.

I followed TJ back to her house. Once we had arrived she led me into her study. We sat together in her large, cushy chair and a half, and TJ explained the expectations she had for our relationship: love, trust, honesty, passion, companionship, humor, support and respect. She explained that she expected me to love and trust her enough to be honest when I was scared. She said that she felt it was her role her to support me through the process. She said she felt I needed clear boundaries in order to feel safe enough to trust her and that she was more than willing to set those boundaries and to hold me accountable for staying within her limits.

I asked her why she thought I needed her to set boundaries for me. I wasn’t really questioning her; I just wanted to know how she knew they were good for me. TJ smiled and let out a small laugh, “I just knew, the same way I knew I loved you, it just somehow came with the package.” That didn’t quite answer my question. I was hoping to know what it was about me that tended to attract tops, and to make me attracted to them. Maybe I will never know, maybe that is just how it is.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

We seemed inseparable after that night. We took turns spending nights at each other’s houses. TJ was very slow, sweet, and terribly sexy with how she worked with me to overcome my sexual anxiety, but, I have to say that how turned on I got whenever she was around played the major role.

We slowly tried new things, making sure I felt safe and comfortable, lots of foreplay of kissing and touching, she found that the more time spent on foreplay, the less my mind strayed, and the more I would eventually beg her to take me.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***

After one never-ending foreplay session, TJ flipped me over onto my stomach, and raised my hips off the bed. My head and shoulders rested on the bed with my butt in the air. TJ kneeled behind me, her legs between mine. She leaned over me and brushed my hair to the side and away from my neck while dropping light kisses on my neck. She had one hand bracing herself over me and I couldn’t tell what she was doing with the other only that she was wiggling her hips. “I’m going to take from behind.” She breathed heavily into my neck.

“Uhhhhaaaa,” I panted.

She rose back up on her knees. I felt something rub on my butt. I turned around to look and she had a massive cock strapped on to her with a small purple leather harness. My eyes widened. She slapped my butt and said, “Oh relax, you know you’ll love it,” and winked at me.

Her hand reached between my legs and she gathered some of my wetness on her fingers and she ran her fingers back up to my anus. She moved them slowly over and around my opening. I arched and pushed back against her. She slowly inserted one and then two fingers into my butt. I pushed back harder, wanting more of her inside me. TJ let out a gentle laugh, “I knew you would like it,” she said as she pushed and twisted both fingers out and in up to the web of her fingers. We continued like that, me rocking myself on her fingers, TJ softly laughing at my pleasure.

TJ completely withdrew her fingers and I protested the emptiness with a little whine. “Hold on Peaches,” she said as I felt the tip of strap-on begin to push against me. I pushed back. I let out a small gasp at the initial pain. “Stay still, baby,” she said at my gasp. The pain subsided and I had to move. I wiggled back against TJ, pushing the dildo further inside me. TJ giggled, “My, what an impatient girl,” she said with a thrust. I let out a grunt of pleasure and TJ giggled a little more.

I firmly pushed back against her and wiggled my hips and butt against her. I heard a sigh escape her lips. She began a rhythmic pattern of thrusts and I rocked myself along to her rhythm. When she quickened I stilled as I was on the verge of orgasm. The pleasure shot through me and she continued to move the dildo in and out. After I finished, she slowed and then pulled out, falling sated and sprawled out on the bed next to me.

I turned and cuddled next to her, lightly kissing her, as that was all I had the energy for. “Thank you. That was aaaammmaaaazzzzzing.” I said. “But, what about you?” I asked, rubbing her nipple between my fingers.

“I got mine.” She flicked the strap-on with her finger, causing it to jiggle, “Double-sided,” she said with a wink.

The End

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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