Sunday, November 9, 2008

On the Verge

Title: On the Verge
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Chris & Verge/Syd & Katie
Implements: Hand & Hairbrush

This story is dedicated to several people. To Bear for needing to know why Verge is Verge and not Virg; to Nicole who had to relay Bear’s need; and to Mel for loving Chris and Verge, wanting more of them, and encouraging me through the story.

Early Fall - 1990


Katie and I were sitting next to each other both feeling a bit of anticipatory worry, although for different reasons. I had so struggled with the nervous system. It was terribly confusing--dendrites, Glial cells, axons, neurons, and synapses. How was anyone supposed to make sense of this stuff? I had tried to get Katie to study with me, but she had recently taken to hanging out with several women from the softball team and had told me I would have to fend for myself.

Katie’s worry was for a completely different reason: Syd.

Katie’s parents were fully paying for college, as long she maintained above a 3.5 grade point average. If her GPA fell she would have to support herself. During a bit of struggling her freshman year she had asked Syd for some help. Syd agreed to help Katie stay focused by setting study schedules, and establishing rules for behavior and activities allowed before big projects, papers, or exams. If Katie strayed from Syd’s protocols she could expect to be disciplined. Katie agreed to Syd’s conditions, knowing they would help and were what she needed and wanted to stay on track.

Katie had spent the night before the neurology exam doing tequila shots and making out with the softball team’s star hitter and catcher, an activity that violated just about all of the rules Syd had set up. If Katie had to show Syd an exam lower than a B, her bottom would most likely be having a long conversation with Syd’s hairbrush.

I glanced over at my lab partner, Virgil. He seemed to be experiencing not an ounce of panic. I knew the guy was smart, and I found his confidence and lack of worry regarding the exam very sexy.

The professor handed Katie her exam. I glanced over and saw the large red letter D. Ouch, her butt was toast.

And then my exam was placed in front of me, C-. Crap!!!

Thankfully, Syd and I had no such deal. I usually pulled good grades. I was still living at home with her, and she knew I had strong study habits, and that if I received a poor grade it was not from a lack of trying.

I saw Virgil smile when he was handed his paper, and then heard the professor announce, “Virgil Wallace received the highest score on this exam. A perfect 100%.” I was seriously going to have to ask him to start tutoring me.

Before the end of class, our professor reminded us that we were each allowed to retake one exam over the course of the semester. I had hoped that if I needed to use the retake the worst it would be was bringing a B up to an A. I had definitely hoped I wouldn’t be using it this early in the semester.

When class was over, Katie and I stopped for coffee at the Depot before our physiology lab class. I gave her a look of sympathy, “When do you see Syd next?”

“Not before I have aced the retake exam,” she replied with a mischievous grin.

“Katie, she knows we had an exam last week,” I informed her.

“But if you keep your big mouth shut, she doesn’t need to know we got it back yet, and I’m going to try and get the retake done as soon as possible.”

I shook my head. “I won’t tell her I got it back, but if she asks I’m not lying to her.”

Katie blew a raspberry at my response, but she knew my lying to Syd would not only get me in trouble, but her in more trouble for asking me to cover for her.

“I’m going to ask Virgil if he’ll help me to study for the make-up exam.”

Katie laughed, “Uh huh,” she said, “with the huge crush you have on him, I would be surprised if you could concentrate on anything other than staring at him.”

I responded with a raspberry. I finished my coffee, tossed it in the trash, walked into the physiology laboratory, and took my seat next to Virgil. “Hey,” I said, “congratulations on the neurology exam.”

He smiled. I tried not to blush; his smile makes my belly flip-flop. “Thanks, how did you do?” he asked.

“Not so well,” I replied. “In fact I was going to ask you, if maybe you could tutor me so I could do better on the retake exam?”

Before Virgil could answer Katie butted in, “Me too, please, will you tutor me too?” she asked.

As much as I wanted to have Virgil all to myself, I did really need all of my attention to be on learning the nervous system, so I decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Katie to come along.

“Sure,” Virgil replied.

Katie interrupted again, before he had a chance to finish his sentence. “We could pay you,” she offered.

Virgil smiled, “Actually that would be great. My nursing books are so expensive this semester. Would ten dollars an hour be okay, five for each of you?”

I nodded, and Katie replied, “That would be great, but you may get rich off of this deal. Duffos here,” she signaled me by pointing her head in my direction, “doesn’t even know the difference between axons and neurons. I’m in much better shape; I just fell a little behind on my reading.”

I glared at Katie for her duffos comment.

“Why don’t we meet tonight for a couple of hours; that way I can evaluate how much time I think it might take,” Virgil suggested.

“Sounds great. We’ll meet you at the medical school library at six,” Katie said.

We met Virgil and spent several hours each evening with him over the next few days. Virgil was the King of pneumonics. He shared several with Katie and I, but he recommended we come up with a few of our own. He thought developing our own pneumonic might help us to remember them better. We thanked Virgil for his help and made plans for our next study date.

After our third study date, Katie began to tease me about how I ogled over Virgil during our study sessions. She then began to sing, “Oh, Oh, Oh Virgil, To Touch, Feel And Hump Virgil’s Great Ass.”

She chanted this line several times before I lost my patience. “Will you please shut up?” I asked her.

“No,” she said, “that is my cranial nerve pneumonic. Oh – Olfactory, Oh – Optic, Oh – Oculomotor, Virgil – Vestibuloccochlear, To –Trochlear, Touch –Trigeminal, Feel – Facial, And – Abducens, Hump – Hypoglossal, Virgil’s – Vagus, Great – Glossopharyngeal, Ass – Spinal Accessory. Oh, Oh, Oh Virgil, To Touch, Feel And Hump Virgil’s Great Ass--that is what I envision you thinking as you go all googly eyed over him,” Katie said erupting into a fit of giggles.

I smiled at her; I couldn’t help myself. It was pretty damn close to what I was thinking, and it would be easy to remember. “He’s a really nice guy,” I told her.

“I know,” she said. “I like him too; I just don’t want to fuck him.”

“You’re so vulgar sometimes,” I complained.

She laughed. “And you love me for it.”

That I couldn’t deny. “Oh hey, I forgot to ask you; Syd said to tell you that dinner’s at 6:30 tomorrow night.”

“What?” she questioned. “I don’t know anything about dinner tomorrow. Anyways, you know I can’t come—she’s sure to ask about the physiology exam. Has she asked you about it?”

I gave her a sad look. “Ya, she asked about it yesterday. I told her my grade and that I was studying with Virgil, but I didn’t say anything about you.”

“Fuck,” Katie said. “I’m sure she did this on purpose. I either show up for dinner tomorrow and she asks about the exam, or I have to call her and tell her I won’t be there and she asks. I’m so screwed.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t off fooling around with the softball team instead of studying, you wouldn’t be in this situation,” I told her.

“Stop,” she said giving a mellow dramatic sigh, “you sound like her.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


I decided I might as well get it over with; I definitely had a spanking coming for not sticking to the study schedule and the resulting grade. My avoidance of Syd was starting to boarder on dangerous territory on its own, and dorm food was getting old. So, one of Syd’s amazing dinners sounded good, even if it would be eaten on a sore butt.

I arrived a little after six and was surprised to see that Chris’ car wasn’t in front of the house.

I knocked. I often just walk-in after knocking, but tonight I wasn’t feeling in any hurry to go in. Syd answered the door and pulled me into a hug, “Hi kiddo, it’s good to see you,” she said.

“Where’s Chris’ car?” I asked.

“Oh, Chris, he’s at work,” she said.

“What?” I asked. “I thought he was off tonight. I was sure I asked him about his plans.”

“He picked up an extra shift, and I asked him not say anything, similar to how you asked him not to say anything to me about your physiology exam.”

I blushed. “He told you,” I said feeling terribly betrayed by my friend, and realizing I was in a lot more trouble.

“No, he didn’t need to. I knew that you were avoiding me as soon as he told me he got his exam back. You usually call me when you get assignments back, and gloat about your grade. I hadn’t heard from you, so I was pretty sure you didn’t want me to know.”

“Oh,” I said.

“I’d like to know what happened, so I can help make sure it doesn’t happen again. Dinner is warming in the oven. It can stay there if you want to talk about this before we eat.”

“What about Jamie, won’t he be hungry?” I asked, hoping desperately that Jamie’s presence may be able to save me.

“He’s volunteering at the hospital until nine,” she informed me.

“Oh,” I said. She had planned for us to be alone. Damn this was not good.

“So kiddo, before dinner or after?” she asked again.

“Before,” I answered.

We sat on the couch and I told her about the softball player and not studying.

She was more understanding than I thought she would be. She even told me that she was glad I was having fun, making friends, and “fooling around”. But, that if I had told her I wanted a little more time for dating, she would have tried to help me find the time.

Then the guillotine came down—she said not telling her, not sticking to my study schedule, partying before an exam, not studying for the exam, not telling her when I received the exam all led to a spanking. She stood me up, and began to undo my jeans. She quickly lowered them and my underwear.

Syd had only spanked me a couple of times before. I was terribly embarrassed to be standing before her partially naked, with my pants pooled around my ankles. She didn’t leave me to fret for long, and placed me and my now bare bum across her lap. Syd rested one of her legs on the coffee table--so that my bottom was pointing upwards, and she had access to the underside of my butt. The spanking hadn’t even started, and I could tell it was going to be a bad one. This would be my first spanking since we had made the arrangement for her to help me with my study habits, and I was pretty sure she planned to make a major impact.

Syd raised her hand and began spanking. The Colonel is a strong woman. She is tall and exercises regularly. Her tallness means she also has long arms that gain momentum on their long journey from high in the air to my tender bottom. I swear her arm feels stronger than any person’s arm should be. Her hand landed hard and fast from the very first spank; she made sure to leave a lasting sting on my butt before she moved to another location. I was crying softly into my arms when she picked up the hairbrush and started dropping strong swats to the under curve of my butt. I was sobbing--and swearing chastity and a life devoted to the study of physiology--long before she put down the brush and lifted me into her lap.

Syd brushed my hair out of my face and gently pushed my head down to her shoulder. She rubbed my back, and sat quietly with me, until my tears subsided. When I had regained my composure, I blushed to realize my pants were still around my ankles. I stood and raised my underwear and jeans. Syd led me to the kitchen and pulled out a chair.

I gave her a pout.

“You’ll survive,” she said with little compassion. But, she planted a soft kiss on the top of my head as she placed a plate of chicken casserole on the table in front of me.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I had a tutoring date with Virgil early the next morning. Chris wasn’t able to attend; he had American History. I really liked Virgil. In addition to all his help with physiology, he and I had met for coffee several times between breaks in classes. I was happy he was becoming my friend. I was pretty sure he was gay, but I couldn’t get him to admit to his sexuality one-way or the other. And thus I had given him the nickname of ‘Verge,’ as I felt he was on the verge of coming out. Of course I hadn’t told him that…as far as he was concerned I was just calling him Virg.

When I met him at the library that morning, I worked hard to try and convince Verge that we should claim a set of big comfy chairs before anyone else did. But, he felt we would get much more studying done at a table. Our library has the standard light wood laminate tables with chairs made of pine or maple--you know something you have no desire to sit on with a freshly spanked bottom.

After a good forty-five minutes of squirming in my chair, Verge stopped and asked if I was all right. I told him I was fine.

“Okay, just checking that you don’t have a bad case of hemorrhoids,” Verge teased.

I laughed. “No, no hemorrhoids. Is that the fun and exciting condition of the week in your Nursing Practicum?”

Verge laughed back, “No this week it’s tinea cruris.” Continuing to tease he said, “Oh well, if you don’t have hemorrhoids, you must have a freshly spanked bottom.”

I blushed.

“What?” Verge asked, still laughing. “I’ve made the cute, sweet and terribly vulgar Katie Mayfaire blush.”

I continued to blush.

“What?” Verge still laughing, asked again. “You weren’t spanked, were you?”

I did nothing other than stare blankly at him.

“Oh,” he made an all-knowing sound of awareness. “Were you off with the softball team again?” He continued with his laughter. “You told me you couldn’t study because you were having dinner at Chris’ house?”

I shook my head.

Verge paused with his questions, and closed his binder of notes and the physiology textbook. He took hold of my hand. “Hey, sweetheart what’s going on? Did someone hurt you?”

“No! No one hurt me, well she did make my butt hurt. A lot,” I sighed, as I saw Verge’s eyes open wide. I wasn’t sure why I was telling him this. I had felt he could be a great friend; this might be the breaking point. “Yes, I was at Chris’ house,” I said.

Verge interrupted, “Did he hit you?”

“No,” I laughed, “he didn’t. Look it was my own fault for doing bad on the midterm.”

Verge started to talk again.

I frowned at him. “Chill out,” I said. “If you’ll just let me explain.”

Verge nodded.

“Chris lives with his aunt. I’ve known her for long time--since Chris and I were kids. My parents were pretty nonchalant in their parental governance. They made sure I was fed, clothed and had a place to sleep. But, they weren’t terribly concerned with me, or stuff I was doing.

“Syd, that’s Chris’ aunt, she’s great. She kind of became a surrogate mother. She paid attention to things that interested me--how I was doing in school, what mischief I was up to. A couple of times when I was a teenager, and Chris, his sister and I got into trouble—Syd disciplined me. She knew my parents wouldn’t do anything about it. She made sure I understood why my behavior was inappropriate, and ensured that I wouldn’t do it again. So she punished me--the same way she punished Chris and Claire--with a spanking.”

“Oh, my god did she spank Chris for doing poorly on the test, too?” Verge asked.

‘Jesus Fucking Christ,’ I thought, of all the stuff I just told him, and he comes away worried about Chris’ ass!

“No!” I said. “We’re not talking about Chris!” He’s so gay—and Chris would LOVE to know that Verge was concerned about him. “We’re talking about me! Do you want to know this?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, go on,” he said.

“I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I thrive under her support and mentorship. I like her high expectations, and I feel motivated and protected by her caring, and by being held accountable for my actions. My parents are paying for my college, only if I maintain a 3.5 GPA. I have the ability to do that. Although having college paid for would be enough motivation for a lot of people to keep their grades up. My parents’ deal feels like a continuation of their lack of interest in me. They do the basics, no checking into see how doing through out the course of the semester. They just look at the report card at the end of the semester.

“I need more than that. I need someone to help me set and keep to my short-term goals. I need to have consequences if I don’t accomplish those goals. They’re not her goals, they’re mine, but somehow being accountable to her makes me more willing to attain them.”

Verge sat quietly for what seemed like an eternity. I was expecting him to pack up his books and go. I waited so long for him to speak, I was about ready to pack up and go.

“It makes sense,” he said.

“It does?” I questioned.

“Yeah. It makes a lot of sense. I’ve always worked harder for the people who called me out on stuff. School was easy, I could always skate by, but if I had a teacher who said I wasn’t working to my potential, who would tell that to my parents, who would give me detention for not doing assignments--I worked harder for them. I felt they were actually paying attention to me; they actually noticed and cared about me, and that made me want to work harder.”

I sat quietly and continued to listen.

“Most of my cousins couldn’t stand my grandmother. They thought she was too strict. She made us eat all our vegetables, and help with chores; she would punish us when we behaved inappropriately. My cousins said their other grandparents spoiled them--they didn’t like Gram’s strong demeanor. The thing was, she did spoil. She would take me on long walks and teach me about birds, bugs, and plants. She knew I was interested in medicine and we did a first aide course together. We would listen to her hula records and dance. She was the only person I ate all my vegetables for. I always made sure to say please, thank you, and yes ma’am—because it was her expectation. I felt like she loved me best, and I wanted to be perfect for her.”

He blushed. “I think I’m kind of jealous of you…actually.”

This time I was speechless.

“She died when I was 12. I think it must be nice to have somebody care for you like that. I miss that kind of love and attention. I don’t think the need for that goes away just because we’ve entered adulthood.”

My mouth fell open, and Verge laughed at me. “What?” he asked.

“You get it,” I said, and that was the moment I knew we would be great friends.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


I was tired of trying to figure Virgil out. I’m was sure the nursing student/boy genius was gay, but every time I’d given him the opportunity to come out, he seemed to slide past it, or it slid over his head.

Katie has taken to calling him Verge, as she says he’s on the verge of coming out, and she doesn't like calling him Virgil.

I hadn’t realized how much I’d fallen for him. I hadn’t even noticed I’d given up my slutty ways. But today the realization hit. I haven’t been laid in over a month, and my hand had become my best friend—well my hand and my fantasies of being with the handsome, intelligent, and funny nursing student. I was sure I’d die of a lack of sex if I couldn’t have Verge soon. Katie teased me about it all the time. I swear sometimes I’d get hard when she just mentioned the potential of my getting in his pants.

I’d tried to get him alone so many times, but he kept inviting Katie to join us. We made plans to go see the new Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore movie, Ghost. Again Verge had asked to join us, but it was very sad that Katie had to drop out at the last minute. I’m not sure what her problem was; I’m sure it couldn’t have had anything to do with my threatening to tell Syd that she’d been cutting her statistics class to make out with the softball team.

As we stood in line for our movie tickets, my heart was beating fast. I was finally alone with him. I wanted him so badly. I couldn’t handle not knowing how he felt about me anymore. So once we entered the dark movie theater, I dragged Virgil to the back corner, pushed him up against the wall, and planted a hard deep kiss on his lips. I was very pleasantly surprised when Verge kissed me back. Virgil didn't have the best kissing technique; he was a little sloppy. I could live with that, because we would all the time in the world for me to teach him new and varied techniques.

We finally broke out of the kiss and Virgil asked, "What took you so long."

I rolled my eyes. "What do you mean, ‘What took me so long?’ You gave me absolutely no signals that you were in to me--let alone ever confirmed your queerness!"

"Yes, I did," Verge replied in protest.

"Well you do totally emit gayness," I teased. "But, I gave you all sorts of opportunities to tell me, and you never did."

"I'm shy," Virgil said, with a bit of a blush that I could see even in the darkness of the movie theater.

Some old biddy a few rows in front of us made a shushing noise.

I decided the best way for us to keep quiet was to start kissing again. I attached my lips to Virgil’s, and explored his mouth with my tongue. I couldn't believe how good the young nursing student tasted. I needed more of him, had to have more than just a taste. I placed my hand on top of Verge's growing erection, and unfastened each of the five buttons on his 501s. I slid my hand into the waistband of Virgil's shorts and took hold of his rock hard erection. I rolled my thumb over the head of his cock. It was a good thing that I was still firmly attached to his mouth, because I could feel slight sounds trying to escape from Verge's throat. I began a steady rhythm of stroking my crush, and Verge began to thrust up into my caresses. It was less than a minute before Verge came hard into my hand. He broke away from the kiss and dropped his head back on the seat panting. "I've never....I mean, no one else has ever..."

I quieted him with many small kisses. As Verge began to come back around from the euphoria of his orgasm, I leaned over and whispered into his ear. "Let's get out of here."

We went back to my house; luckily everyone was out for the evening.

I lead him into to my bedroom, and we quickly undressed each other. I was so fascinated by the fact that he was a virgin. I just wanted to give him so much pleasure. I wanted to make sure that his first time was fun and pleasurable. I laid Virgil down on the bed and we began to kiss and run our hands all over each other's bodies. I decided something wasn’t quite right, so I abruptly stopped and ran out of the room. I returned moments later with several candles and a small box of matches. "I have to set the mood," I said as I lit the candles and resumed kissing the young virgin. I continued to kiss him, but began to move my mouth away from Virgil's mouth and down his neck.

Virgil began to emit soft low moans of pleasure and give little wiggles when I would kiss or lick a ticklish spot.

I ran my mouth down Verge's belly, and eventually reached his rock hard cock. I ran my tongue up Virgil's penis, and he shivered in delight. Instead of taking him into my mouth, I continued to tease him by licking and kissing his inner thighs, sucking just to the point before it would leave a mark. I raised Virgil's knees and planted soft kisses on his testicles. I licked up the back of his shaft, and took his penis into my mouth.

I moved slowly and cautiously around my virgin. I was thankful that Verge had already come in the last hour; I wanted this to be as long and pleasant of an experience as possible.

I kept his cock in my mouth only long enough to make him arch in pleasure, and then I’d release him to plant small kisses on his thighs and balls, before I’d take him back into my mouth.

Only sweet moans escaped Virgil's mouth up to this point, but soon he began to beg, "Please, please Chris," he panted.

I raised my head and watched Verge writhing. "Please what?" I asked.

He was lost in the pleasure of the moment; he couldn't do anything other than to continue to say, "Please, please."

I growled, "Do you want me to make you come? Is that what your begging for?"

"Yes, please," he panted.

I ran my tongue around the head of his penis. "Like that?" I asked. "Do you want me to make you come with my mouth?"

"Yes. Yes. Please," Verge panted.

I needed no more enticement, and I took Verge fully into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his cock and used my cheeks to try and over stimulate the sexy man laid before me.

Verge began to lightly pump his hips up into my mouth, and he let out a loud grunt as he came. I swallowed all that he gave me.

I slowly released Verge's cock from my mouth and climbed back up my lover's body. "You belong to me now," I told him. "You gave yourself to me, and I'm going to keep you.”

Verge pulled me in for a kiss, "Good," he said.

We kissed, touched, licked, and suck until we eventually fell asleep from exhaustion.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Verge awoke at 3:30; he nudged me awake. “Hey, I’m gonna go,” He said, lowering his eyes. “I don’t want you to get in trouble for having someone over.”

“I won’t get in trouble,” I said, pulling him in for a kiss.

Verge blushed. “Okay, but I’m not sure if I’m up for meeting the family. Katie’s told me about your aunt, and she sounds kind of scary.”

I laughed. “Auntie Syd, she’s a big pussy cat, you have nothing to be scared of. Did Katie tell you she’s a nurse? She’s going to love you so much she’ll want to adopt you.”

I’m not sure why this caused Verge to look a little scared.

“Okay, but you’re going to miss out on a great breakfast, and you are going to have to meet her at some point.”

I watched, as he got dressed. I put on my robe and walked him out to his car. It was chilly out--fall was setting in. I gave him a long passionate goodbye kiss under the streetlight.

He climbed into his old dilapidated Bug.

“I’ll call you when I wake up,” I told him.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he replied.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

When I woke up, I picked up the phone and dialed Verge’s number. I was terribly disappointed when I got his answering machine. He must have still been asleep, or maybe in the shower. I had given him a pretty major workout the night before. I’m sure he was in need of both. I left a message when the machine beeped. “Hi handsome. I had a great time last night. I have to work at noon, but I was hoping we could get together after. Call me when you have a chance.”

I threw on a pair of sweats and followed the smell of coffee and toast into the kitchen. I planted a kiss on Syd’s cheek as I reached for a coffee mug.

She planted a very firm swat on my butt. “Christopher what is the rule about bringing casual hookups into my house?” she asked.

I yelped and rubbed at the sting. “It wasn’t a casual hookup,” I protested.

She raised her eyebrows at me.

“I’ve never brought one home, and I didn’t now. I was with Verge.” I blushed a bit. “It was his first time, I wanted it to be in a bed, and somewhere he would feel safe and respected.”

Syd smiled at me and pulled me into a hug. “You are a good man, Christopher Xavier.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

That next week Verge and I decided to try and see Ghost, maybe even actually watch it this time. We again found an empty back corner of the theatre. We were doing pretty well at watching the movie, up until Demi Moore started stroking that huge cock made of clay. I never knew I could be so turned on by a big hunk of clay. The next thing I knew I was sliding my hand into Verge’s pants, feeling his soft skin and the soft fuzz of hair that covered the gorgeous area between his navel and groin. I kept my thumb rubbing his belly, and slowly moved my fingers down towards his shaft in a circular motion that just barely touched his skin. My soft touches sent shivers through his body and he let out a light gasp. I leaned over and grasped his bottom lip with my mouth, sucking on it lightly, until I felt his tongue working to open my mouth. My mouth opened to his invasion, and I felt his velvety tongue explore the roof of my mouth, my teeth, and my tongue. His hands ran up the inside of my shirt, one ran back and forth across my hip the other rested on my chest. His fingers rubbed my nipple to hardness. I gripped him firmly and started jerking, occasionally running my thumb over his slit to add some pre-cum to my motion. His breathing quickened and he began to rock against my hand. I felt his hands undoing the fly of my pants. His hand ran straight to my balls, he began to roll them in his palm, stopping for brief seconds to tickle my perineum with his index and middle finger. His forearm was pressing my penis against my stomach and just that little bit of friction was almost too much to bear. We both came, muffling the sounds of our orgasms as we kissed. Deciding we were lucky to get away with what had; we both quickly fastened our jeans and left the theatre for Verge’s dorm room.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I had created a monster. Not that I was complaining. I was just has horny as my sweet little devirginated boyfriend. But Verge wanted sex all the time. In the bathroom, behind the stacks, in the elevator, in the stairwell, in the private study rooms—and that was just at the library. Everywhere we went was like that. I had a difficult time convincing the horn dog that we needed to attend class, and occasionally stop so I could go to work, we could study, eat or sleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

We were out for burgers, when Verge needed to provide the Heimlich maneuver on me. I had just taken a large bite of my guacamole burger, when Verge said, “Katie told me your aunt spanks her, does she spank you too?”

I choked, and coughed, before I regained my composure. “No,” I told him. “Well, she did when I was younger. I think now it wouldn’t do much other than really piss me off. I needed it when I was a kid, I needed her to reel me in like that.”

The tone of his body changed, from relaxed and confident, to guarded and apprehensive. “Do you think discipline is just about being reeling in?” he asked.

“No, not at all.” He seemed to detense a bit. “I said ‘I’ needed to be reeled in. That is the type of discipline I needed as a teenager. I think since then I have developed my own disciplines. I can recognize when I need to reel myself in, or recognize now that I shouldn’t have even waded out to where I was. I don’t think that works for everyone. I think some people, like Katie, do better when they have someone like Syd in their life.

“Oh,” he said, and quietly went back to eating his dinner.

I placed my hand over his. “Does it upset you?”

He sat quietly for a while longer. “No,” he said, “It makes a lot of sense to me, I understand the comfort that Katie gets from it.”

He paused for a while, but I felt he had more to say, and I didn’t want to distract him. So I just continued to wait for him, holding his hand and softly caressing it.

“I think it would be nice to have somebody that cared for me like that,” he finally said. He looked up into my eyes; his cheeks slightly blushed.

“Can you tell me more?” I asked. “Can you tell me what that would look like for you?”

“I’m not totally sure. I like that Katie has someone who sees the best in her, but doesn’t just see the best, expects the best. That she has someone who helps her to be her best. I like that she has someone who knows her, and watches her closely enough to notice when she struggles, stumbles, chooses to run away, or stops to play instead of doing what she needs. I like that she has someone who helps her back on her path, who holds her accountable for wandering away from the journey she chose.” He paused again, this time giving me a very wanting look.

“You want someone like that in your life?” I asked.

Verge nodded.

“Do you want me to be that person for you?” I asked.

He nodded again.

I squeezed his hand. “I love you,” I told him. “I think I could be that for you.”

He squeezed my hand back, and we smiled at each other. The rest of dinner that night was mostly quiet. We ate and shared knowing looks; we kept our hands touching as much as possible. When we finished, I brought him back to my house, slowly undressed him, and took him to bed so I could slowly make love to him.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Life over the next couple of months was wonderful. We cuddled, fondled, fucked, sucked, and made love as often as possible. We spent time negotiating the roles and rules of our relationship, and plotting out our goals and dreams as individuals and as a couple.

One morning a couple of weeks before finals, we awoke in the small twin bed in his dorm room. We were naked and pressed together; how we slept comfortably in that tiny thing, I may never know. I crawled out of bed and began to dress for class.

“Come back to bed,” Verge whined.

I laughed. “I’d love to, Babe. But I have to get to history,” I told him.

He stuck his bottom lip out and gave a major pout. “I want us to stay in bed, and make love all day.”

I leaned over the bed and kissed him. “Mmmm, that does sound good, but I shouldn’t miss history, and we both have physiology in a few hours.”

“Fuck physiology,” he said.

I smiled. “Listen genius, some of us can’t ace a physio exam just by rolling out of bed, like you can. I have to actually go to class and listen to lecture, perform the lab experiments.”

Verge stuck his tongue out. “I’ll teach you,” he whined. “Please,” he begged, “stay here and fuck me again.”

I kissed him again. “I can’t. I’d love to, but I really have to go to class. I’ll see you at 11:00.” I grabbed my backpack off the floor.

“You’re no fun,” he pouted again. “And, I want another kiss.”

I leaned down and gave him a long and thorough kiss. “Will that last you until 11:00?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

I laughed. “Well it’s going to have to,” I told him.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I left history and walked across campus towards the biology building, as I approached the building I noticed a large crowd hanging around outside the building. I saw Katie and walked over to her. “Hey, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Bomb threat,” she said. “They’re probably going to cancel class, the bomb squad just arrived, and they said it’s going to take them a couple of hours to search the building.”

“Bummer, huh,” Verge said. He had walked up behind us. He took me by the hand, and started to pull me away from the crowd. “Guess we’ll have to go back to my room and find something to do. See ya, Katie.”

“Woa, slow down their handsome,” I told him. “They haven’t actually canceled class yet.”

“They have to,” he said with a wicked smile. “Someone called a bomb threat into the art building earlier this semester, and I heard the dean say that they couldn’t let students back in the building until it’d been cleared by the police. That building took an hour or so, and this building is at least twice the size.”

A member of the university police department stood in front of the building with a bullhorn. “The biology building is closed. All classes in this building are canceled until further notice.”

Verge’s eyes twinkled. “See,” he said starting to pull me away again. “Come on, let’s go back to my room.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “It’s just a couple of weeks before finals. I think we should go to the library and study. Katie and I have both brought our grades up with your help, but we both still need to do well on the final.”

“It’s not like we don’t have the time,” Katie added.

Verge made a pout and stomped his foot. “I didn’t call in that damn bomb threat to spend the next two hours in the library,” he said.

I watched as his pout turned to shame in response to look of outrage I gave him. “You what?” I asked.

Verge realized his admission, and it suddenly dawned on him that he was in serious trouble. “Ummm,” he said.

Katie looked uneasy. “You know what,” she said, “I should really go put the finishing touches on my English term paper. I’ll catch you guys later.”

This time I took Verge by the hand and led him away from the crowd. In a disappointed tone, I said, “Come on, let’s go.”

Neither of had another class until late in the afternoon. I took us back to my house. Syd was at work, and Jamie was at school. We got to the house, and I guided him into my bedroom. We had made the decision about how we wanted discipline to be handled in our relationship, but we had yet to encounter a situation in which it was needed. I sat down on my bed and pulled Verge into my arms. “So love,” I said. “This is one of those situations where you have stumbled off your path. Your have set yourself a goal of completing your nursing degree with honors, so that you can go directly into an Nurse Practitioner Master’s program. What happened today could have put a major halt in that plan, if not completely and totally ruined it. If the university were to find out that you called in that bomb threat, you would be expelled, and have a very difficult time getting into another university.”

I felt Verge begin to shake with sobs. I hugged him tighter. I didn’t think he had ever considered what the ramifications could be for this endeavor.

“I think you need some help getting back on track towards your goal, and I think the most appropriate help I can give you is a spanking.”

Verge stopped his tears and gave me a look of shock. With my help he had realized how much trouble he could be in with the university, but only at my comment did he remember the commitment we had made regarding how these types of situations would be handled.

“I know we haven’t done this before, honey, but this stunt has definitely earned you a trip over my knee.”

His tears returned and he nodded. “I don’t know what to do,” he said. “What do I do?”

I gave him a sad smile. My sweet Verge, although he could stray, spent most of his time constantly trying to do the right thing. I pulled him close and kissed the tears on his cheek. “Well honey,” I said stroking his hair off his forehead. “You’re going to need to stand up, and then your pants and underwear need to come down. Do you want to take them down yourself, or do you want me to take them down for you?”

He hiccupped a small cry. “Will you?” he asked softly.

“Of course,” I said. “Then I’m going to help you lay across my lap. I need you to help me adjust your position to make sure that you’re comfortable, that you aren’t straining or cramping any muscles. Okay?”

Tears continued to spill down his cheeks as he nodded.

“I’ll ask you if you’re settled, and if you’re ready. Once you are, I will begin your spanking.” I paused to check on Verge.

He was crying, but still intently paying attention to me.

“I will spank your butt with my hand. It will hurt, and I expect you will probably cry. When I feel the spanking is finished, I will help you to sit up, and I will hold and comfort you until we both feel that the punishment is completed--that we have resolved the issue and are ready to move on and leave it in the past.”

We stayed cuddled together for a while longer, and then Verge slowly got up off the bed and stood before me. I scooted over to the side of the bed, and sat in front of my naughty boyfriend. I slowly undid each of the five buttons on his jeans, and pulled them down below his knees. I then slipped my hands into the waistband of his Calvin Klein briefs, and pulled them down to join his pants. Verge stood before me, pants around his ankles, ready for me to give him what would be the first discipline spanking of our relationship. I moved up on the bed, so that I was sitting against the headboard. “I love you, and we are going to be okay. I promise,” I told him. I took his hand to help him over my lap. He placed a knee on the bed, lifting himself up. He laid across my thighs. “Are you okay, Baby?” I asked as I ran some soothing circles over his back.

Verge nodded into the bedding.

“Baby, can you say it out loud for me? I need to know that you are okay with this.”

His voice choked. “Yes, I need you to spank me,” he said.

“Okay.” I ran the palm of my hand over the soft white skin of his butt. “Ready?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said very softly.

I raised my hand and brought it down sharply on the under curve of his cheek.

Verge let out a small yelp that caused an ache in my heart. I had to remind myself that this was a part of our relationship he had asked for. I took a breath and steeled myself to continue with the spanking. I rained down a series of swats that covered his upper thighs, his soft round sit spot, and the middle of his sweet cheeks. As his bottom turned from pale white to soft pink, his cries became more serious, and as I turned his butt an angry red, his cries turned to sobs. Verge began to kick and twist on my lap, in an attempt to try and stop my hand from landing on a particularly sore spot. I pulled him a little closer to me, to make sure he knew I had a hold of him. I applied the last several spanks, and then ran my hand over the hot red skin. “Okay baby, I’m all done,” I told him. He stayed across my lap for a few minutes crying into the sheets and blankets. When I felt that he had calmed a bit, I pulled my legs out from under him, and lay down next to him. I kissed his tears, and rolled him into my arms. “I love you,” I told him. “It’s all over; you did good.”

Verge let out a small hiccupped laughed. “I did good?”

“Yes,” I smiled at him. “You presented your butt perfectly,” I said.

Verge gave a small pout, and I again dropped soft kisses on his face.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him.

“My butt hurts,” he said.

“Well yes, that’s how your butt is feeling. How are YOU feeling?”

Verge grew quiet for a while, and I let him think. We sat silently together, him thinking, and me rubbing his back. “Do you forgive me?” he asked in a whispered voice.

“Yes, of course I do,” I told him. “Do you forgive yourself?”

“I think so,” he said.

“You think so?” I asked. “Babe, part of this, the discipline part of our relationship, is that you hand over that guilt to me. It’s my job to administer the punishment and ensure it’s over. It’s your job to let it go. I need you to accept that when you are punished, you have paid the price for your misdoing. If you are still upset with yourself, neither has properly done our job.”

Verge rested his head on my shoulder. “I think that’s easier said then done,” he replied.

“I never said this would be easy. The spanking is meant to help you release your stress, shame, and guilt. But it isn’t the be all and end all solution. You need to trust me and yourself to put it aside and move on.”

“It will be okay?” he asked.

“I promise. I will always be here, to love and support you.”

“’kay,” he said as he snuggled into me.

I pulled the bed covers up over both of us. “Virgil?” I asked.

He looked up into my eyes.

“I love you, and want to make love to you just as much as you want me to, but no more bomb threats okay?”

He gave me a weak smile. “I promise.”

The End.

Copyright 2008 TBL