Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Adventure in Dog Siting

Written for the September 2011 Tea Room Leather Challenge

Title: An Adventure in Dog Siting
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: TJ and Katie...with Cupid playing a supporting role

I arrived home to find Cupid chewing on a thoroughly destroyed red leather paddle.

I took Katie by the hand and led her to the bedroom where I unfastened her pants and lowered them to the floor.  “I can’t believe you gave it to the dog to chew on,” I scolded.  I hooked my fingers into her underwear, and they joined her pants in a pool around her feet.

“It is wicked and evil, and it needed to be destroyed,” she cried. 

 I opened the drawer to the bedside table and withdrew an item my brat had not yet seen.  “I guess you hadn’t realized I’d also purchased the version with holes.”

“Noooo,” she protested as I pulled her over my lap and set to turning her bottom a color much resembling the beautiful crimson paddle I was wielding.