Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthdays, Fairy Tales, and Naughty Brat Tails

Chapter One – Prince Charming’s Birthday Wish

Verge was reveling in a lovely post-sex haze. “Mmmm, tell me a story.” He rolled over to face Chris.
Chris laughed. “You are a demanding birthday boy.”

“We’ve been together for over twenty years, and you’re just figuring this out now?”

Chris pulled Verge close and kissed him soundly. “It works well since I have a difficult time saying no to you on your birthday.”

Verge gave a smile; with a hint of victory.

“What kind of story do you want?”

“I want to hear about prince charming and the big handsome knight who sweeps him off his feet.”

Chris rolled his eyes at the fairy tale request. “Hmmm, I’m not sure if I know that story.”

“Well that’s the point, my handsome hunk; you need to make it up.”

“And if I tell you a sexy fairy tale fantasy, am I going to get the chance to act it out?” Chris gave an evil smile.

“Yes.” Verge answered with complete certainty and trust.

Chris’ grin grew to express his pleasure and desire.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a handsome young prince. He was a member of the House of Wallace, the fourth son of the King and Queen of the kingdom of Utwondeway. His Royal Highness The Prince Virgil Michael Joseph Bradley, Prince of Ezgeplegway and Earl of Istea, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of Virtue.

Prince Virgil was promised in marriage upon his birth to Her Royal Highness the Princess Katherine Meagan Elizabeth Beatrice, Princess of Uprenway. The marriage had been part of a treaty signed between the two royal families. Princess Katherine was heir to the throne of the small and somewhat impoverished principality. Not only did the treaty bring peace to the two lands, but the House of Wallace paid a hefty bride price for the right of their son to sit on the thrown beside the future heir.

The Prince spent most of his time with the Knights of the Most Noble Order of Virtue and one Knight, in particular, Sir Christopher Xavier Robeson. Sir Christopher and the Prince had been friends since Christopher had moved to the castle to start his training at the age of seven. As they grew into manhood, training together for careers in nobility, they came to depend on one another for companionship, laughter and eventually for intimacy. The two men were inseparable. When the day came that Prince Verge was told a marriage date had been set, and he would be leaving for the Kingdom of Uprenway, the Prince ran away to Sir Christopher at his very first opportunity.

He arrived at the Knight’s quarters out of breath and in tears. Verge banged on Chris’ door.

“Alright, alright hold onto your horses, I’m on my way!” Chris shouted through the door. He unlocked and opened the door; the Prince flew into his arms.

“Have you heard? Do you know…do you know what they did to me?” Verge sobbed into Chris’ embrace.

Chris gently pushed his lover away from his body so he could look into his eyes. “Heard what? And what has been done to you?”

Verge continued to whimper as he raised his tunic and lowered his breeches to reveal a metal and leather chastity devise locked into place. “I’ve always imagined that we would make love one last time before I had to leave, and now not only have they given me very little notice that I’m to leave, they’ve made it impossible for us to be together.” Verge fell back into Chris’ arms and, once again, started to weep.

Chris ran one hand up and down the Prince’s back and the other softly over his head. “Oh, my love it will be okay.” He tried to reassure his partner.

Verge pulled away from Chris, and shouted, “It won’t!” He stomped his foot to emphasize his point, and his breeches fell further south and pooled around his ankles.

Chris applied a very firm swat to the Prince’s bare butt, causing the royal brat to yelp. He drew Verge into an embrace and then grasped the Prince’s ass. “First of all,” he said, squeezing and separating the naked cheeks. “Just because you have been confined, does not mean we can’t make love. I intend to place you over my lap, use the clystra to clean you out, and then I will bend you over the bed and I will take you from behind.”

Verge moaned; it was a combination of agony and ecstasy. “Sir Christopher, please don’t talk like that; it is causing me to strain painfully against this horrible device.”

“Your Highness,” Chris said with a bit of evil pleasure in this voice. “I think you are going to need to get used to that feeling because not only do I intend to do just as I said, but I have been asked by your parents to serve as the head of your royal guard during your journey to Uprenway. Since the key to that device is on its way to Princess Katherine there is no way you can get out. And, Prince Virgil, I intend to be sodomizing that sweet arse of yours as much as possible before your wedding day. I do hope you are able to learn to long for the ache of that ‘horrible device’.”
Verge moaned from painful desire. “Well alright then,” he panted, “can we please get started?”

Chris roared with laughter from deep in his belly. “I’ve a few things to get ready first.  Finish taking your clothes off and wait for me on the bed.”

Sir Christopher took the kettle from where it had been warming over the fire and filled a pitcher with water. He took the pitcher over to the bed and set it down on the nightstand.   The handsome Knight added soap powder to the mixture and gave it a good stir.  Chris sat on the bed and patted his lap. The Prince took slow small steps towards his lover while the Knight removed the clystra and the small cruet of oil from the compartment in the stand. “All right my sweet prince it is time for your clyster.”

Verge made a sad face, and any straining his cock had been doing inside its constraints was gone. Chris took the prince’s hand and helped him to lie across his lap. The Knight poured several drops of oil onto his fingers and thoroughly slicked them. He slipped his finger between the soft ass cheeks of his lover and began to swirl his slick finger around Verge’s opening. He pressed his finger in, and worked it seductively in and out, added a second finger and continued the careful oiling of his lover’s arse. 

Verge groaned in pleasure and pumped his hips, hoping that it might cause the chastity devise to move; allowing his cock a small bit of room to grow. 

Sir Christopher withdrew his fingers, and the Prince whimpered with need. Chris slicked the clystra, and inserted the metal tip into the princely arsehole. 

Verge hissed. “I hate being clystered. The royal nurse is way too liberal with them; I don’t think I will miss her when I move to Uprenway.”

Chris laughed. “Your father didn’t tell you that Nurse Sydney will be making the journey with us. She is a wedding gift to you and the Princess Katherine.”

“The King is evil.” Verge pouted. “I just think he wants to get her away from his bum.”

“Oh stop, you love her dearly. She was a wonderful nurse to you when you were a child.”

“I do, but the woman thinks a big huge clyster will cure anything.”

“Well, dear Prince, this clyster is going to clean you out for the most absolute buggering of your life.”

Verge shivered at his guard’s words, and shivered more completely when first oil and then the warm suds were poured into the clystra funnel. 

“I hate this,” Verge whimpered. “I’m so glad you do it for me, I could never do this to prep myself for you.”

“I know, my love.” Sir Christopher pulled the clystra from his Prince’s ass and set it aside. He slid a small carved plug into place. “Turn over, sweetheart, and let me rub your belly while you hold that.”

“I’ve got to go now!” Virgil protested.

“Hush,” Sir Christopher ordered; he leaned down on the bed covering his brat’s mouth with his own. It was a long possessive kiss to distract the growing pressure in the Prince’s bowels. He pulled out of the kiss. “Okay, brat, you may go.”

The Prince got up off the bed, grabbed some spare rags, and ran out the Knight’s chamber door. It was not the first time he had been seen streaking through the hallways of the Knights’ of Virtue quarters—some might think it shocking—but the Knights of Virtue were not a chaste group. Their virtue was that of good deed; they served as the medical corps for the House of Wallace’s army. The all-male medical corps were finely trained soldiers, and the country’s best nurses, physicians and surgeons—they were also some of the most kinky buggers in the land.

Verge returned to Sir Christopher’s quarters looking and feeling a bit drained. The handsome Knight sat his lover down on the bed and then went to wet a wash cloth with warm water from the kettle. He came back to the bed and gently washed away the sweat from Prince Virgil’s body and dried him with a soft towel. He then offered Verge his hand. “Up you go, Your Highness.” Chris drew his lover into a close embrace. “I love you Virgil Michael Joseph Bradley, Prince of Ezgeplegway and Earl of Istea, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of Virtue.”

Verge felt his body relax into the embrace. “I love you too, Sir.”

“Well then, now that the shmoopy part is over, let’s get on with some serious buggery.” Sir Christopher spun Verge around, applied a sharp slap to his bared buttocks, and then bent him over the bed. “Are you ready to be mounted from the rear, Your Highness?”

“Oh God, yes!”

Chris poured oil into his hand and slid it over his erect cock.

“Hurry!” Verge urged. 

The Knight applied a swift swat. “Unless you would like your tail warmed before we begin, I suggest you stop being such a demanding aristocrat.”

Verge’s hrmuff was quickly turned to a moan of pleasure, when Sir Christopher slid two slick fingers inside of him. The fingers moved in and out, scissoring, curving, pressing, and twirling exquisitely. “Oh, dear God,” Verge whimpered. 

Chris smiled at his lover’s pleasure and evilly withdrew his fingers. 

“No!” the Prince begged. “Please, I need you inside me.”

Sir Christopher lined his cock up to the royal arsehole and pushed forward. 

The Prince began to whimper. “Please, you have to take this horrible thing off me.  Please, I think I will die if I have to keep this on.”

Sir Christopher leaned forward and dropped light kisses along the Prince’s neck. “I’m sorry, sweet Prince, I can’t. So let’s make the best of this. Close your eyes and think of how I’m going to fuck you, make love to you, bugger you, and sodomize your brains out; in every possible position that I can between here and Uprenway.”

Verge whimpered at the pain of his cock straining in its strict metal confines, and then began to moan as the feel of his Knight’s thick tool moving inside him turned on every pleasure sensor he had. A light sweat broke out on his skin as he struggled to control the raging battle between agony and ecstasy raging in his nether region. The strain in his cock was such a new sensation that he found himself giving over to the painful engorgement. The Prince grabbed hold of the sheets as his whole body tensed in anxiety and discomfort. He no longer whimpered or moaned. 

Sir Christopher stopped his thrusting; he was buried deep inside his lover. “Relax,” he whispered.

“I can’t; I hate this,” Verge sobbed. 

“Do you feel my cock deep in your arse?” The Knight questioned.


“Focus on my cock, only on the fullness inside you. Feel its girth. You have the most sensitive fabulous asshole. Use it to grasp me and hold me inside.”

“Oh Lord,” the Prince panted.

“That’s it. I’m going to slowly pull out and you had better be gripping me tightly.  Understand, boy?”

The Prince felt his body begin to relax at his lover’s gruff sexy orders. “Aye Sir, I do.”  Verge felt Chris’ cock slowly brush over his prostate, and a wave of tingling bliss shot through his body. 

Chris thrust quickly back into his partner’s body, and the sound of his balls banging on Verge’s ass rang throughout the room. He then fell into a rhythm of slowly withdrawing and swiftly entering the royal hole.  

Verge began to tremble as he focused only on the sensations taking place in his ass. He teased his lover’s cock by squeezing his tight rings of muscle.  The Prince felt the pulse of the Knight cumming inside him, and reveled that his body could evoke such a strong and powerful orgasm from his Top. 

Sir Christopher pulled the Prince into a standing position and held him tight as he felt his cock shrink inside his boy. Chris softly ran his fingers over the Prince’s sensitive skin.

“How are you my sweet companion?”

“Mmmmm,” Verge purred. “How could that have been so amazing? I didn’t even get to cum?”

“Because you gave yourself over to me and you learned to take pleasure from pleasing me.”

“Well, I have always been a selfless lover.”

Sir Christopher landed a swift swat on the Prince’s thigh. “You are the greediest bugger in all the land.”

“Yes, that’s what I said.” Verge teased. 

“Brat.” The Knight laughed. “It is time for us to get dressed and prepare for our morning departure.”

“I don’t want to,” the Prince softly whispered.

Chris kissed his lover’s neck. “I know, my love, but we have to anyway. You are expected in Uprenway in a fortnight, so we must leave at dawn.”


It was the early predawn hours, and Prince Virgil was holding his breeches and looking down at his chastity belt with utter disgust. “Please won’t you cut it off? We can say it fell off.”

“The King and Queen of Uprenway expect you to arrive with that in place. If I remove it your marriage would be called off and that would risk the treaties that have been signed between the two kingdoms.”

Verge cocked his head and looked carefully at Sir Christopher. “How do you know that?”

“It is a standard practice to seal the future husband of an heir to the throne into a chastity belt; to ensure he doesn’t embarrass his future family by impregnating any undesirables shortly before the wedding.”

The Prince pouted. “I could have assured them that I wouldn’t impregnate anyone.”

“Yes, dear one, I do know that, but it is an ancient practice. I have something that may make you feel a little more comfortable wearing the chastity belt.” Sir Christopher handed the Prince a small package wrapped in black silk and tied with a silver bow. 

“You can’t possibly have anything that would make me feel better about this horrid torture device,” Verge whined.

The Knight laughed. “Why don’t you open it and see.”

Prince Virgil untied the bow, and the silk fell around a stunning codpiece. 

Verge was quiet for a while before he chucked the codpiece at Sir Christopher. “How long have you known they were going to do this to me? And why the bloody hell didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t tell you…” The Knight took a quick step towards his brat and grabbed him by the arm.  “…I knew you would be overly upset…,” Sir Christopher sat down on the bed and pulled the breeches-less royal brat over his lap. “…and would throw a major tantrum.” This phrase was emphasized with a loud swat. “I didn’t want you moping around over something you could do nothing about.”

“Let me up! I have a right to be upset!”

“No, you’re staying put,” the Knight answered, and he began spanking with more gusto. “You do have the right to be upset, but you do not have the right to throw things at your Top. That, your Highness, will land you over my lap every time.”

The Prince dropped his head and let the spanking and his emotions win out, and began to cry over leaving his beloved home, being locked in a chastity belt, apprehension over an arranged marriage, and the burn building on his bum. 


Verge was thankful as he pulled his breeches up over his very sore arse, that he and Sir Christopher had awaken early enough that the spanking, and post punishment cuddle, didn’t throw them too far off schedule. “It was terribly cruel of you to blister my bum when I have to spend the rest of the day sitting on a horse.”

“It was terribly cruel of you to throw something at me that I spent a lot of time making for you.”

The Prince flushed with embarrassment. “Umm, yes ... about that, Sir … could … umm … I …”

Sir Christopher put his boy out of misery and handed him the codpiece. The Prince looked down at the fine scarlet leather accessory; it was covered in small gold disks emblazoned with his family crest. On the inside of the codpiece was the large branded crest of Sir Christopher; it was a stunning piece, and something that couldn't be worn until he was married and would take on the family name and crest of his wife. A tear trickled down Verge’s face. This beautiful piece of artwork was specifically handmade for what would ultimately be a short period of time for the purpose of lessening his embarrassment about the chastity belt while, at the same time, allowing him to wear his lover close. “I will love you always and forever, Sir Christopher.”