Sunday, September 18, 2011


Written for the September 2011 Leather Challenge

Title: Protection
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Chris and Verge

 “Mmmm, the bacon smells good and aren’t you a pretty site,” Chris said as he entered the kitchen.

Verge wiggled his bared butt.  “Thank you.” He leaned backwards, signaling his need for a morning kiss. 

Chris laughed.  “Aren’t you a little over dressed?”  He used his eyes to signal the black leather apron—all Verge was wearing.

“I’m not trusting some willy nilly cotton frock to protect the family jewels from bacon grease,”

Chris placed his hands on the naked butt cheeks, and kissed Verge in the nape of his neck.  “Yes, the jewels must be protected at all costs.”