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Just Teej and Katie

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Title: Just Teej and Katie
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: TJ and Katie

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
How dare she demand I come home and take a nap before
I pick her up at the airport. I am not a child. She was the one coming west, the one most likely to have jet lag. But, nooooo. I get sent home to take a nap.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I heard her swearing as she fumbled with the keys to open the front door, then the sound of her angrily swinging the door open with force, loud stomps as she moved towards the bedroom, and then another loud angry door opening. I know it is bad, but sometimes her temper tantrums really are just the cutest thing.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I threw the bedroom door open with great force, ready to throw my bag violently on the floor, but as the door flew open I noticed that the room was glowing. I stood in the doorway, closed my eyes and shook my head trying to figure out what was going on.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The sound of the door flying open was a little harsh compared to the Pachebel I had playing.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I kept my eyes closed and listened to the soothing tones coming from inside the room.

She was up to something.

I continued to stand in the doorway with my eyes closed, and worked to slow my breathing and tried to acclimate myself to what was going on.

I could sense her presence and my body shuddered in excitement.

I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes as I released the air from my lungs.

The room was draped in candlelight, light that flickered off the many clear glass vases draped throughout. Roses, scabiosa, lizzyanthus, tulips, bramble, cornflower, lupin, and jasmine flowed from the vases, giving the room a soft sweetness.

I hadn’t even realized that I had started to gently sway to the sound of the strings eloquently playing Pachebel, as if only for me, until I had to stop my sway to move forward towards her.

TJ was naked, sitting against the headboard, with our lavender velvet duvet, delicately draped over her lap.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“Eh.” She released a soft, sweet, high-pitched sigh that sent a jolt of pleasure through my body.

“No talking.” I instructed before she had a chance to speak. “Take your clothes off.”

She slowly undressed, keeping her eyes locked on me the whole time.

When she was done, she stood in the center of the bedroom completely nude, waiting for my invitation. I kept her waiting, as I slowly ran my eyes down from her twinkling blue eyes, sumptuous lips, full shoulders, round breasts, curvy waist and hips, the soft patch of hair covering her vulva, her shapely legs, to her wiggly little toes. My Katie, my love, my life.

“Come to me.” I extended my arm to her as I issued the longed for invitation to join me in bed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I took her hand and gently climbed onto her lap. She still had the duvet draped over her lap; I scooted down to rest my bottom in between her legs. She curved her legs around my hips, and I curved mine around hers.

She leaned forward to kiss me. She ran her tongue gently over my lips; I opened my mouth to allow her access. Her tongue began to search my mouth. Her breasts pressed against my chest, and I took hold of them gently kneading, massaging and toying with her nipples until they stood fully erect. Shivers ran through my body as she gently teased and tickled my mouth with her tongue. She eventually slowed the kiss to a gentle stop and leaned back against the headboard. “Katheryn Meagan, I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too,” I whispered.

TJ gently placed her finger against my lips, “My turn to talk. You just listen. Okay, Baby?”

I nodded.

She reached under the duvet and retrieved a small baby blue square box with a simple white ribbon tied around it. I may not be a girly girl, but even I recognized a Tiffany box. My eyes widened with surprise. TJ smiled at me and handed me the box.

I sat holding it in my palm just looking at the box and not moving. “Well, baby, are you going to open it?” She asked. I raised my eyes from the box to look at her beautiful face. She smiled again, and gently nodded towards the box.

I took a deep breath and gently tugged on the ribbon, once it was released, TJ took the ribbon and used it to tie my hair back, so, it was out of my eyes, and off of my face. “I want to see your pretty eyes,” she said.

I took another deep breath, this one hitched full of emotion. I lifted the lid to the box, to reveal a dark navy leather box. Hmm, I thought the actual Tiffany ring boxes were also baby blue…oh, well not a girly girl…I was probably mistaken. I released the snap, and opened the lid to the box. Uh…Uh…Uh…okay Katie, try and hide the shock, look happy, TJ is giving you a ring. Look at her, give a little smile of appreciation. “Do you like it, love?” She asked. I forced myself to nod. “Well try it on then.”

I lifted the ring, from the box, and placed it on my finger.

I know I tend to wear big clunky silver rings but this was a bit much. First of all it weighed a ton. I don’t know how she could expect me to lift my hand with this thing on it. Secondly the actual hole, which I put my finger into, was a bit misshapen, and definitely uncomfortable. And, the worst part of the whole thing, it looked like a giant sperm was jumping off of it.

I looked back down at the ring, and then at TJ. I tried to smile, I really did, but I don’t think there was any way I could really wear this thing. Oh, god. She had created this beautifully romantic evening for us, and all I could think of was how quickly I could get this horrible thing off my hand.

“You don’t like it, do you?” She asked.

I so wanted to say yes. A tear streaked down my cheek and I shook my head.

“Oh,” she said. “Well maybe you will like this one better,” she said as she withdrew another box from under the duvet. This one was leather, a baby blue box with “Tiffany” etched on the top. She handed it to me. I looked at her, utterly confused. “Open it,” she instructed.

I undid the snap and opened the box to reveal the loveliest ring I had ever seen. TJ lifted the ring from the box, and placed it on my finger, “Katheryn Meagan Mayfaire, will you be my wife?” She asked, a tear running down her cheek.

I had no words, I could only nod, and lean in for the most meaningful kiss of my life. The kiss seamed to last forever. I relished in her touch, taste and smell. Eventually we had to break for breath.

“I don’t understand,” I said pointing to the horrible and misshapen ring.

TJ snorted, and then let out a guffaw…not a giggle, not a chuckle…a guffaw. I was clearly missing something. “It’s a butt plug,” she said before she erupted into a burst of laughter.

I didn’t think it was that funny. “I don’t understand,” I stated for a second time.

Her laughter slowed to light laugh. “I wanted my marriage proposal to be special,” she said.

“So, you let me think a butt plug was my engagement ring,” I interrupted with a small bit of anger in my voice.

She again gently placed her finger against my lips. “Shhh, let me finish,” she instructed.

“I wanted my proposal to be special. I wanted it to be like no one else’s. Ours alone.” Well, she definitely accomplished that, but I was still a bit perturbed and not yet totally sold.

She locked her gorgeous green eyes onto mine, and continued, “I wanted it to be romantic, sexy, sweet, safe and a little bit humorous. These are the things I treasure about our relationship. I wanted to ensure that whenever one of us thought back to the day we decided to marry, that we would clearly remember that our love is built on romance, humor, great sex, gentleness and trust. I think my proposal exhibited all of that in a way that is just us, just Teej and Katie.”

I leaned forward to kiss her. “It was perfect,” I said. I lifted the plug from the bed, and dangled it in front of her, “Can we get to the great sex part now?” I said with a wink.

“No,” was all she said.

“No?” I questioned.

“No,” she answered.

I looked at her with great confusion.

She again retrieved a small, baby blue, square, box with a simple white ribbon tied around it from under the duvet.

Christ, how much stuff does that woman have hidden under there?

“What, did you think you were the only one to get a ring out of this deal?” She questioned me with a smirk. Leave it to TJ to pick out and purchase her own engagement ring for me to propose to her with.

She handed me the box. “Ask me,” she instructed. She was lightly bouncing on the bed. I don’t think I had ever seen her so excited, it was quite darling.

“Hmm, I’m not sure,” I said. “This is kind of sudden. Don’t you think maybe we should start with a butt plug or something?” I said with a little giggle.

TJ reached under the duvet, and out came a small square dark navy leather box. I roared with laughter. “I thought you might ask,” she said with a wink.

I set the navy box aside and picked up the Tiffany box. I opened it to reveal a very large emerald shaped diamond in a simple platinum setting. I withdrew the ring from the box, and took TJ’s hand in mine. “TJ, I give you all my heart and soul. You are the one I want to spend eternity with. You are the one I want to wake up with every morning, the one I trust to care for me, the one I care for. Will you be mine forever? Will you marry me?”

Her mouth formed the most beautiful smile. “Yes, you are the only person I have ever wanted to share my life with, you are my dear sweet friend, my lover, my beloved, and I can’t wait for the day you are my wife.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

TJ drew me to her for a long lovely kiss. The type of kiss that makes your whole body relax and your brain melt. The type of kiss that leaves you with only one response, “gah.” Okay, maybe it leaves you with more than one response, because the other one rolled quickly off my tongue, “take me.”

“Oh, I will,” Teej responded. “I will take you, and then I will take you again, and again, and again until we both pass out from utter exhaustion.”


She reached under the covers and removed a very large bottle of lube. Oh, this was going to be a lovely night. She placed one hand on my back and gently bent me, so that my head was resting on her shoulder and my butt, was pointed out and up. She lubed the fingers of her other hand, slowly separated my cheeks and began to tease my anus. I wiggled and pushed back against her, hoping that she would stop teasing and penetrate already.

She began to softly hum along with Pachebel, and very slowly inserted one finger, she gently massaged, turning and twisting her finger in and out. My light moans soon joined her humming. She added a second finger and then a third while I leisurely rocked against her. Her movements were so slow and calculated that I barely noticed the absence of her fingers and the introduction of the plug. She gently twisted the plug into place and then in one motion helped me off the bed, while pushing the duvet off of her lap. I let out a small gasp of joy as I realized she was wearing the strap on. I climbed back on top of her, and lowered myself onto the dildo.

A shudder of pleasure erupted through my body, when I felt the dildo rub against the plug. TJ placed her hands on my hips and our eyes met as I stilled myself to adjust to the intensity of the pleasure racing through me. Teej tilted her hips upward and we both began to move. It was a joyous mix of making love and fucking…and felt so damn good…that I almost would have been happy to stay just like that, until her thumb began to circle my clitoris. A quick and intense orgasm shot through my body causing me to still my movements.

The vibration of the strings, playing Pachebel became silent and was soon replaced with the very faint sound of clarinets and a drum that seemed to mirror the beat of my heart. The rhythm of Bolero caused me to raise and lower myself on what felt to be an extension of TJ’s body.

She gently whispered, “Just feel the music.” I now moved my hips from side to side as well as up and down. The dildo rubbing against the fullness of the plug, and TJ’s touch sent another orgasmic wave through my body.

“Keep going,” she said in a heavy breath. I continued to fuck her and myself to the quickening beat of the drum. The winds of the music and the flicker of the candles intoxicated me. The beat of the drum picked up, the volume of the music rose, and we continued to grind against each other. A moan escaped my lips as another orgasm raked through my body.

“Keep going,” she instructed, and I did, faster than before, my heartbeat still matching the beat of the drum. TJ arched up and I watched her body erupt with ecstasy. I pulled her to me in a tight embrace, and our bodies continued to rock together as the music got still louder and faster. We each came again and then relaxed into the embrace as the intensity of the music and our love made the whole rest of the world disappear.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“Good morning, little one,” TJ said, looking into my eyes and gently rubbing my back, to wake me.

“Morning,” I groaned back in a very unappreciative tone, hopefully expressing my unhappiness at being woken.

“A ball of joy you are this morning,” TJ said with a smile and nudge.

“I’m tired. You wore me out last night,” I said, with a cheeky smile. “Let’s go back to sleep.” I pushed myself up against her, resting my head on her bosom, and closing my eyes in the hope of going back to sleep.

“Nice try, love. It is already 10:00 a.m. We have lots to do today, and need to get moving,” she said, although she made no attempt to actually rise from the bed.

“Lots to do?” I questioned. “I thought this WHOLE weekend involved staying in bed,” I said, placing my hand on her belly and slowly and seductively running it down.

TJ released a seductive sigh, but removed my teasing hand from her body. “Yes, there is a lot of time budgeted for bedroom activities this weekend…but, we will also be attending an afternoon BBQ for Syd’s birthday. We need to go to the grocery store and pick up stuff for a macaroni salad and then we need to actually make said salad. And we need to have a talk.”

“We have lots of time,” I said, again placing my hand on her belly and starting to run it down her body. “Talk about what?” I asked in my most seductive voice.

She again removed my hand, and her voice now revealed a bit of sternness, “We need to discuss your temper tantrum yesterday afternoon.”

“What?” I questioned quite innocently.

“I am referring to the swearing, door slamming, and throwing of satchels,” TJ said with raised eyebrows.

My face fell to a pout. “Oh, that,” I replied.

“Yes, that,” she responded.

“But, you tricked me,” TJ’s face now expressed her unhappiness, “…you weren’t supposed to be here to see that.” If possible her eyebrows raised higher, "It shouldn’t count,” I pleaded my case, knowing that the end result of a door slamming, swearing, and throwing temper tantrum always involved a lot of tears and my having a very sore posterior.

“Katie, let’s back up a little here,” TJ began. I could tell she had thought a lot about this, never a good sign for the overall health of my bottom. “I surprised you; I didn’t trick you.”

“You DID trick me!” I interrupted. “You lied, and told me you wanted me go home and take a nap before I picked you up at the airport, knowing full well I would be mad, and you would be here when I got home. You set me up!”

“Oh, puh-lease. You are the nap queen of the universe…I think half the time you would prefer a nap to a shag. I thought you would appreciate the suggestion of a late afternoon nap,” TJ calmly relayed.

Okay, so maybe she had a point. But, not a point my bottom could afford to admit, and she should have known I would be way to excited to see her to nap.

“Plus, my love, how much sleep did you get Thursday night? I bet you tossed and turned all night in excitement and anticipation of our visit.”

ARGH. There was no way I was going to get out of this…my butt was toast.

Okay, time to try a different approach. “You proposed to me,” I stated, lower lip fully extended.

“Yes,” TJ replied.

“I shouldn’t get a spanking on my first morning as an engaged woman,” I stated with complete and total belief that today, of all days, should be a get of spanking free day.

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have earned a spanking.” So, damn matter of fact, that fiancĂ©e of mine is.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you were home.” TJ’s eyebrows nearly shot off the top of her head. Ugg, I was strongly regretting that comment.

“Oh, so are you saying that misbehavior is okay, as long as I am not around to see it or you don’t get caught?” she questioned.

Well, sometimes, yeah. “No,” I replied.

As much as I hate either having to drop trou for a spanking or TJ dropping them for me, at least the lowering of my pants and underwear allows for an extra minute or two for me to plead and or prepare myself for the punishment. This morning’s naked cuddle, allowed Teej to all to easily and quickly transfer me over her lap with my bare bottom pointing due north. Once I was in the over-the-knee position, there was no turning back I would be receiving a spanking.

I tried to adjust myself to a slightly more comfortable position on TJ’s lap, but somehow I ended up with my ass only more raised and vulnerable. “Katie, as much as you consciously may deny it, I think you have been working towards this spanking all week. You narrowly avoided it during our cyber chat on Monday. And the attitude I heard and saw when you got home last night would have likely multiplied and landed you over my knee if you had been left to fester for several hours before coming to fetch me from the airport.”

Fine, Teej, whatever you may “consciously” choose to believe I have NEVER worked to bring about a spanking in my life!

TJ lightly ran her hand over my butt, “Just as that ring on your finger, signifies my love and commitment to you, I think you need a little reminder of what my hand on your bottom signifies. Each and every time I spank you, I am confirming my commitment to ensure that you are safe, healthy and happy, and that I will be right here for you when your behavior threatens any of those things by ensuring that you are held accountable for your actions by my chaffing your bottom.” With that she began a steady stream of swats that left me with no question what so ever of the extent of her commitment to me.

My face was buried in the bed covers so that they could absorb my tears and cries. I didn’t notice at first that TJ had stopped her barrage of spanks until I heard the drawer of the bedside table open. “No, please, not the hairbrush,” I cried as I realized that my spanking had not ended but was only temporarily paused.

“Love, you know I don’t like spanking you,” TJ began, I was really not in the mood for the ‘this hurts me just as much as it hurts you speech’…I realize that it hurts her to know she has caused me pain…but, when she has freshly broiled my rear…it is hard for me to have sympathy for her. “I just want to make sure that you fully understand what you are committing to if you marry me.” With that hairbrush began to heat up my rump.

“I do,” I said, “I do. Please stop,” I begged.

TJ stopped and began to laugh so hard, that she lost her hold on me, and I slid to the floor. I rose to me knees and began to rub at the sting in my bottom. Tears were running down my face, and I couldn’t stop the hiccupping sobs emoting from my mouth. I gave TJ a very pitiful and pouty look, as I couldn’t figure out why she was laughing at me. “What?” I questioned.

“You said, ‘I do.’” She just continued to laugh.

I couldn’t help it, a small smirk emerged on my face and through the tears I let out a little giggle. TJ stood, helped me up and drew me into her lap for a much needed cuddle. I sat sideways on her lap, with my sore bottom resting safely between her thighs. I rested my head against her shoulder and my giggle disappeared as the tears once again took over.

The End.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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