Thursday, February 14, 2008

VD Drabble Syd and Samantha

Title: Valentine Drabble
Couple: Syd and Samantha
Author: Tarabeth

We had spent the day wondering in San Francisco. As the sun set we found ourselves riding the cable car from Union Square down towards the bay. We got off at Ghiradelli Square and walked hand-in-hand into the ice cream shoppe.

Syd took charge of ordering a chocolate fudge raspberry sundae.

Our sundae arrived at the table, a large glass of vanilla ice cream covered in hot fudge with a sprinkle of chocolate chips, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and whip cream.

Syd lifted a spoon and filled it with just the right amount of everything. Her face was covered with the warmest most loving expression as she fed me a bite of the most orgasmic thing I had ever tasted.

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