Thursday, February 14, 2008

Falling in Love with Cupid

Title: Falling in Love with Cupid
Couple: Chris and Verge
Author: Tarabeth

I sat sadly at the kitchen table watching the candles burn down hoping that dinner wouldn't get cold and wondering where Chris could possible be. It was Valentine's Day for Christ's sake. How could he be working late on Valentine's day?

I heard his key in the door and took a deep breathe. The evening would be totally ruined if I nagged him about where he'd been.

I heard a little whimper from the other side of the door; I moved towards the sound to determine what was going on.

Chris came through the door holding the cutest little beagle puppy. The pup had a big red bow around his neck. "I'm sorry we're late, Babe. We had to make a potty stop," Chris said as he flashed me that smile that makes me tingle.

I ran to them both and engulfed them in a hug. The puppy began to lick my face, and I took him from Chris, giggling from the tickle of puppy kisses.

"He needs a name," Chris stated.

I pulled Chris to me and kissed him fully, completely, and very thoroughly. "Cupid," I said, as I pulled out of the kiss. "His name is Cupid."

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