Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Throw Down the Gauntlet, part 1

Written for the Tea Room September 2015 Underwear Challenge.

Title: Throw Down the Gauntlet, part 1
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: TJ and Katie

~ * ~

At breakfast Katie mentioned a friend had tickets available to this evenings Indigo Girls’ concert.  They were amazing seats, with backstage passes, and only $400 each.

I said, “No, besides the tickets being way to expensive.  Both of us have been running on fumes, and I just don’t feel we could rebound easily from a Monday night unplanned concert.”

There was some major pouting. 

I didn’t have a lot of time before I needed to leave for the university, so I gave her thorough kiss and firm swat telling her the pouting needed to stop, and hoped she could adjust her attitude. 

~ * ~

At lunch she called with the fabulous news that the tickets were still available, and now for a steal of $700 for the pair. 

“Babe,” I said, “I told you ‘No,’ at breakfast.”

“Please….” Katie whined. 

“I’ve said, ‘No,’ twice. You are not going to be happy if I have to say it again.”

“I’m sorry. I love you.  I’ll see you at home tonight.”

“Good-bye sweet girl.  I love you too.”

~ * ~

My phone rang just as I was getting into my car to come home.  “Hi, Babe.” I answered.

“Hi, last chance on the tickets.  We can have them $500.” She sounded so excited, hoping to sway my decision. 

It had been a long day at work.  I was tired, sore, irritable, and hungry.  I didn’t want to give a Monday spanking.  Monday spankings set the tone for a tough week.  They are delivered thoroughly and leave no inch uncovered.  They are intense and time-consuming with the hope of not having to deliver another spanking during the week.  And all of that said, the leash is short for the rest of the week, and the odds of at least one more spanking this week are still about 50%.

I needed to ensure I was following our rules and also not acting out work frustrations.  “Brat, the line has been crossed.  Take a breath.  Look at where you are, decide where you want to be at the end of the evening and adjust accordingly.  I love you.  I’ll see you in half an hour.”

~ * ~

I opened the front door, set my keys and bag down. I was stopped in my tracks.  She had clearly made her decision. 

She was issuing an obvious challenge.

Lying on the floor of the entry hall directly in front of the door mat was a pair of pink panties.  These had not been accidently dropped here.  The panties had been thrown down.  She had decided a days’ worth of frustration would end on a playful battlefield.  It was a form of play we had devised for situations like this, a challenge to playfully aggressive sex.  The challenge was a way to work off some energy and frustration that was followed by a hash out of the activities that lead up to the tense energy.  We assumed our roles of Domme and Submissive, but in this environment we were able to assume roles that could lead to a far more intense level of play that opened us to a more true and open level of communication.  

She had thrown down the panties.

I picked them up and could smell her rich aroma on them.  I began to look for her, removing my clothes as I did.  I was down to only my underwear when I reached out bedroom.  I opened the door and found her curled up naked on the bed. 

Her eyes fixed on to me as I slid my underwear down my legs and stepped out of them. 

She rose off the bed and stood in front of me in all her glory. 

I took my panties and threw them at her feet accepting the sexual challenge she had issued. 

She smiled and took the hand I held out to her.  “Are you sure you’re ready Girl?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I reached into the bedside table and came out with a basket containing a significant sized butt plug, lube, and my hairbrush.  I placed her pink panties inside. “Let’s get started.  Go and get a clean towel and place it over the massage table in the guest room.  I’ll be in shortly.  I’m going to expect to find you plugged and bent over the table upon my arrival.  Don’t dally.” I sent her on her way with a solid swat.

I waited a minute or two before I followed after her…I stopped in the hallway and watched as she scrunched up her face and inserted a finger in her ass.  She turned and flushed red as she saw me. 

“Mmm,” I said. “keep going.”

She blushed a deeper shade of red.

“You’re going to need at least one more finger in that ass to  somewhat comfortably get that butt plug in.” I informed her with a smile. 

“Can’t you do it please?”

“You can do it yourself, or I can do it fast and hard and you can keep it in until tomorrow morning.” I told her.

She tilted her head to the side thinking, before she asked, “When can I take it out if I put it in?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” I told her.

“Teej….I’m sorry, I meant Ma’am…”

“I’m going to be ready to begin playing,” I stopped and looked at the clock, “in about 60 seconds. I expect that butt plug to be in place.  You can do it yourself, accept my deal, or be punished and then have it inserted.”

Making a face of determination she put her index and middle fingers together and squatted down onto them.  Quickly fucking herself with them, and then scissoring her fingers as she pulled them from her anus. Katie picked up the plug and generously coated it with lube.  She gave the plug three little pushes before she released a squeak of pain and fully seated in her ass. 

I walked into the room placed my hand on her back and bent her over the massage table before I supplied a quick succession of hard swats to her upturned butt.  “You better not have hurt yourself!  Spread your legs.”

I bent down and spread her cheeks trying to look a bit more closely to make sure she hadn’t hurt herself.  I didn’t see any blood.  I gave a little tug, and Katie grunted.  I continued to slowly move the plug about listening carefully to her sounds for any sign of distress.  Finding only mere discomfort, and taking some enjoyment from that, I gave the plug a good yank…leaving it fully in place, but making sure my girl really felt the weight, pressure and control I had over it and her.  . 

I continued to tug on the plug, while I slid two fingers into her cunt quickly finding her g-spot.  I stroked it until she arched up onto her toes, moaned, and bucked her hips—that was my sign to stop.

Withdrawing my fingers, I slapped her hard on the ass, and gave the plug another good yank.  “It will be nice to take that out later and give you a really good reaming. But first I think we have something to discuss.”

She groaned with sexual frustration and apprehension.

“Spread your legs wider,” I ordered.  I kicked between her legs, spreading them to align with the legs of the short side of the massage table, fastening her ankles to the table.

“Today’s activities were not okay, my girl.”  I picked up my hairbrush and applied eight very hard swats to the same spot of her lower right butt cheek. 

She whimpered at the first few strokes before progressing to yelling, “Fuck!”   

I moved to other side and applied eight identical swats to her lower left cheek. 

There were a few actual sobs, and then a very articulate, “Fuck you Ma’am!”

Now while this comment would have been completely unacceptable during a normal punishment…it was allowed during battle…that doesn’t mean I liked it.   I took her pink panties and I shoved them in her mouth.

~ * ~