Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whose Fault Was It? Part 2

Title: Whose Fault Was It? Part 2
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: TJ and Katie
This Drabble follows Whose Fault Was it?
Written for the Writing Lines Spring 2010 “It’s not my fault” Drabble Challenge

“It wasn’t my fault,” Katie whimpered and sniffled.  She hated standing in the corner with her pants down, and her hot bum on display. She reached back trying to feel for the indents she was sure TJ’s hairbrush had left on her poor battered buttocks.

“Are you claiming it wasn’t your bare butt waving out the window of Verge’s car?”

“No,” she sighed.

“I didn’t think so, hush.  You have five minutes left in the corner.”

“But, it was Leo’s idea.”

“You’d have been better off if it was Leo’s butt.”  Giving in, TJ opened her arms. “Come here, Brat.”

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