Saturday, February 16, 2008

Katie's Valentine

Title: Katie's Valentine
Author: Tarabeth
Couple: TJ and Katie

I stood in the corner, jeans around my ankles,
sniffling. My bottom hurt.

“You know,” TJ said, “when your bottom is red like
that it makes a pretty valentine.”

I folded my arms and gave a little stomp. “I don’t
like you. You will get no valentines from me,” I said
reaching down for my jeans to cover her valentine.

“Leave them,” she growled.

I let them fall back to the ground and gave another
stomp. “I can’t believe you spanked me on Valentine’s
Day,” I said giving away to tears again.

“Oh really,” TJ replied. “You never thought that
wearing that shirt to meet my mother and our wedding
planner for lunch might get you spanked?”

Okay, I did have that thought, but I figured she
wouldn’t spank me on Valentine’s Day. I think I need
to learn to get over my thoughts of, 'She wouldn’t
spank me on…,' she seems to always prove me wrong.

“It was a present from Verge,” I said, as if that
would make a difference.

“I know, and I seem to remember telling you that you
were only allowed to wear it in the house.”

“When did you become such a prude?” I asked.

TJ landed a very firm swat to my butt. “I am not a
prude! I happen to get a kick out of that shirt, but
it isn’t appropriate to be worn outside the house,”
she said.

Humph. What is the purpose of having a shirt you
can’t wear outside the house?

“And,” she continued, “it is especially not
appropriate for lunch with my mother. The woman is a
preacher’s wife; I am surprised she didn’t keel over
dead at the sight of you.”

Hee, hee, hee. Well it wasn’t my intention, but I
don’t really like her mom or our wedding planner.

“Lisa,” that is the wedding planner, “is a nice girl,
but I think she has been a little sheltered.”

“I was perfectly happy when Verge was our wedding
planner,” I stated.

“You and Verge had your chance. I think Chris and I
made it abundantly clear what we thought of your
wedding plans.”

“It would have been beautiful,” I sniffed.

“Come here,” she said.

I turned from the corner, stepped out of my jeans and
boxers, and stood in front of TJ in nothing but my hot
pink shirt. It was lovely, my favorite. The words,
“Eat Me,” in a fancy script sat below a beautiful
heart shaped photo of a vulva.

TJ smiled and shook her head at me. “What am I going
to do with you?” She asked, as she pulled me into a
warm embrace.

“You’re not getting any more than a cuddle out of me
tonight! I'm sore and mad at you,” I said pulling her
into a kiss.

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